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The Ellyons are a member of the Fairy tribes. They are linked to the Fairy World. They were given life by Geihar Von Arpen.

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The Ellyons are a member of the Fairy tribes. Rarely, one can be met at Dawn, when harvesting Dew or grains. Music is a good way to attract them. Ellyon are very small, wearing green clothes and, often, a hat. They have a strong affinity to Nature and are very good at hiding. 

Ellyon InformationEdit

You have found the Ellyons, a Sculptural Lifeform race that was given life by the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen.

Ellyon is a race that belongs to the fairies.
Since they have a very long life, it's hard to find a case where someone dies of old age from them.
Their body size is very small while they also love music and sculptures.
The foods that they eat are mainly dew and grains that they gather during dawn.
They are peaceful creatures and aren't interested in fighting. They don't even have a territory that separates them from others.
They love this place and didn't seriously damage the nature.

Due to this rediscovery, maximum health has increased by 1,000.

Mana has increased by 500.
All stats has increased by 2.

You can report this new race that you have found to a King of Lord.

If the cities and countries knew about the Ellyons, your Knowledge and Affinity to Nature will increase.

You have a good reputation with the Goblins.
  If you talk to them, they will give you stories about what they know.

It would have been impossible to see them approached you, had it been other users, but since Weed had Sculptural Lifeforms with him they approached him instead. While they are happily getting close to Weed's Sculptural Lifeforms, he examined one of them even though he can't see some of the information pertaining them.

Name : Ronnie Ellyon

Race : Fairy
Preference : Nature
Level : 51
Occupation : Dew Drinks Leader
Title : The Secretly Wandering Rascal
Fame : 2

A creature that was created by Emperor Geihar .

They are good at farming and also have the ability to dig for minerals.
They love music and arts.

Although they have a few combat skills, it couldn't be seen by the eyes of the wicked (Invisibility).
+ Unknown
+ Unknown

  • Overall, fairies behave like naive young children. They are very playful and they like to tease.
  • There are multiple type of fairies[1].
  • As a fairy tribe, Ellyons are linked to the Fairy World and Teneidon, their ruling queen.

Fairies are especially vigilant towards any wickedness. Anyone who would try to enter with wicked intentions would be seriously attacked[2].

  • To only have a chance to develop a friendship with a fairy, you need to develop a very strong affinity to Nature and probably belongs to the Art or Craftmen classes. It might be easier for some species, like the Elves.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed Friendship with Ellyons
Weed's knowledge of the Ellyon all started when he received his master quest from Einhard to help the dwarves in Ugoth.[3] There was also the rumor that the dwarves heard from goblins that whenever they sing songs, sometimes they would Uponsee small creatures about the size of half of a squirrel among the bushes. He needed to bring 10 or more Sculptural Lifeforms as a requirement to finish the quest. Encountering these creatures would lead him to next chain master quest.
He brought Bellot, 6 Wyverns, Goldman, Yellowy, Eunsee and Light Wing with him. After he hunted 500 monsters to finish 'Protectors of Ugoth' master quest, he asked Bellot to sing a song. But Weed improvised the song to his liking instead, however, it gave him the result.
There were 100 of Ellyons gathered around Weed and it triggered a vision showed to Weed.
They gave Weed a quest to make them a Magnum Opus sculpture out of sapphire from the Melbourne Mine. We completed the sculpture Emperor Geihar von Arpen.[4]
Upon completion of the sculpture, they decided to leave their home and follow Weed. They also gave Weed his 14th master quest to help Ellyon's friends, the Arnin and their animals being forced into labor by the Sulleion.


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