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Item Weed made to help level up his blacksmithing before make Sculptor with a lot of money.

Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble:

Durability 150/150 Defense 32 A work made by a very talented blacksmith. The admiration is because of its high level of difficulty and meticulous dexterity in making it. It appears that the skills were immature to handle mithril completely. The black gloss and sheen has considerable artistic beauty. Nevertheless, it has outstanding defense and protection from monsters. Restrictions:

·         Strength 300

·         Level 300

Options: ·         Agility +30

·         Charm +70

·         Art +20

·         Wisdom +20

·         Intellect +10

·         Fame +200

·         Leadership +30%

·         Immune to confusion magic.

·         Magic resist +15%

Ref [Vol 8 Ch 2]

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