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Dullahan is an Undead with a certain amount of personality. They seek to grow in skill and experience, thus are known to be fast in addition to their excellent combat ability[1].


Dullahan have the frightening appearance of" a knight that carries around his own head."[2] And it is this head that speaks. That makes it one of the most unique monster among all the undead. An even stranger fact: their head being severed from their body seems to be a particular issue for them...

Undead information[]

The typical Dullahan start around level 140 [3]. It can combat both on horse and on foot. Dullahan can be considered as an enhancement of the regular Skeleton Knight[4]. Certain consider them even like a type of super Skeleton Knight because of their:

  • strong combat instinct
  • their ability to learn and evolve[5]

They have strong combat skill, both on foot and on horse.

  • They can use any weapon they used in their previous life (sword, axe, you name it...).
  • As a undead knight, they ride an undead horse, the Phantom Horse, which can makes them faster and even more dangerous, especially if they charge.

They use most of the typical warrior and knight skills like for example "Bash[6]" a skill than can be used with a weapon swing, pushing the opponent back a great distance. They also have their own skills, like Devil’s Strike”, a type of chain attack[7]


  • Despite their great strength, they do not act as leader, and rather wander alone. Compared to a Death knight, this seems to be their main limitation. And might be reason why some Necromancer consider them a failure.
  • First appearance in Lavia's underground dungeons[8]
  • Translated Durahan in the Manhwa (Manwha Chapter 48 )


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