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Drapukin Dungeon

Britten Alliance

Britten Alliance


드라킨. Drakins, dark giant lizards, which lives inside Drapkin dungeon (드라푸킨 sometimes translated as Drafukin), a dangerous place to enter[1]. This dungeon is located within the Britten Alliance Kingdom [2].

Drapkin boss

Drapkin Boss Monster, a Giant Dark Lizard


Drapkin dungeon is their lair, gamer have to face-off Drakin on every level, from 1st to 3rd underground levels. The information given about Drakins are :

  • An average level of 430+.
  • Their Appearance is :
    • A dark-colored skin.
    • Looks like jet-black lizard, but much larger in size.
  • Young Drakins[3] :
    • Lives completely hidden and nesting inside a dark cliff.
    • Located about halfway through 3rd Underground floor.
    • Path within the area are particulary narrow.

Monster InformationEdit

  • Drakin's thick skin has high defense attribute.
  • It bites its prey and fight with intermediate level of black magic.
  • Therefore, the black magic is ineffective towards resistance of higher undead tier like Death Knight's.
  • Continue to bite and use black magic on its prey even though being under continuos attack.
  • Their eating habits are particularly nasty, forced their enemy to back-off or run away from fights.


  • Quest from Ellyons, Drakin face-off
  • A tough but rewarding hunt
    • Zerr and Serria gained plenty of levels by being invited in the same party as Weed and this dungeon was too high of a standard for them.
    • Zerr, a warrior with high health had to support Tori with his blood. But his resilience and vitality increased thanks to that[5].
    • Serria, a shaman raised her skill proficiency by casting blessings and other necessary magic.
  • Discovery of Bahamorg's body
    • Weed prepared himself to face Drakin monster before they reached Drapkin dungeon by reading the stories posted online at dark gamer's website[6].
    • Zerr hunted in Drapkin dungeon with the Cloud Guild party before. They reached 3rd underground floor but were forced to withdraw. But Zerr fell into trap and accidentally found Bahamorg corpse.
    • Bahamorg was found in a dreadful state with arrows, axes and broken swords driven into his body, died and returned to stone by the time they found him.
    • Weed was forced to use Sculptural Life Bestowal skill to revived him, and then treat his wounds[7].

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