Doom Knight


The Doom knight is one of the strongest Undead Knight. Their physique is truly inhuman[1].

Description Edit

Experts consider the doom knight the strongest Combat Undead, after Abyss Knight and Lich. He truly is the upgraded version of the Death Knight[2].

  • Their look is similar to a regular Undead Knight.
  • Their body and size is similar to a Barbarian.
  • Their power is on a different level...

Undead Information Edit

Their combat level is over level 300 [3] and they have a strong dark Magic attribute.

  • Doom Knight transformation
When a Death Knight advances to a Doom Knight, in the process, the physical features changes : a doom knight is more muscular, his legs are longer and his arms thicker. They are taller by over 40 centimeters and developp a large body.
1 - Performance increase :
    • All Advanced Combat skills are higher by at least two levels[4].
    • All combat related spells are at least 15% higher [5]
    • It can wear bone armor[6] with an excellent defense.
    • It can[7]:
    • pass through walls like a Ghost.
    • jump dozens of meters, almost as if having wings.
2 - Leadership increase:
    • They can command a brigade (smaller unit, part of a legion)[8].
    • They have their own minions: Scouts, Wizards, and even servants[9].

Trivia Edit

  • Saga of the Lich Bar Khan
They are Bar Khan generals and are under Bar Khan’s direct command[10]
Only the strongest dark knight are raised to Doom knight status with the help of Bar khan's magic. It requires advance necromancing magic[11].
They are one of Bar Khan 's strongest assets and bare the title of highest ranking undead officers[12].
  • Saga of the Abyss Knight Van Hawk
They were Van Hawk Imperial troops, 800 of them, attacking the City of Reinstadem, occupied by Haven's troops[13]


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