Korea's best DojangEdit


Ahn Hyundo's Dojang has over 5000 members trainees of all levels. It's the best and most well-known sword dojang in the nation (Korea).


Master Ahn HyundoEdit

  • Name: Ahn Hyundo
  • Gender: Male
  • Game Name: Geomchi/swordnoob
  • Class: Martial Artist

A 50 year old master swordsman known throughout Korea and the head of a dojang. Was the "World Swords Fighting Champion" for 4 consecutive years[1]. Selected Lee Hyun/Weed as his successor without him knowing and taught him many things. Learned about "Royal Road" from Lee Hyun, which got him interested in playing. 

Lee Hyun, his official discipleEdit

Even if he is not an instructor, Weed has been considerered as the fifth and a special member of this inner circle. In fact, after one year, he became the Donjang Master's official disciple[2], after less than a year of training where Sang Chuan for example still belong to that group after 3 year of intensive training. Therefore, over 5000 trainees had to acknowledged him as the choosen disciple.

The 4 instructors (his first circle)Edit

They are Ahn Hyundo's four assistants. They take care and manage the 500 trainees. They also have the special mission to support their Master in training and taking care of Weed's sword skill.

  • Geomchi
  • Ahn Hyun
  • Geomchi2
  • Geomchi2
  • First Circle
  • Geomchi4 & Geomchi5
  • First Circle capsules
  • Geomchi3
  • First Circle in RR
  • Died from starvation in the Basic Training
  • All Geomchis in Basic Training Center
  • Running after Pale
  • The master and his students

The 2 other circlesEdit

You have two circles of disciple following Ahn Hyundo.

  1. The second circle are the 500 official trainees, also called the Geomchis. All of them followed their master online, for training purpose, after Weed explained his own in game learning experience to Ahn Hyundo[3].
  2. The third circle are the rest of the other 5000 trainees. Those fellow were not invited to Royal Road.

The 500 official trainees (second circle) Edit

The official trainees are 500. They have to be considered as the Dojang best trainee and with a higher potential in martial art. To be promoted to this second circle is an honor. In fact, only one out of every ten trainees, is considered worthy to be included in this circle. All students are full of motivation and totally into it. They all have to publicly show their respect to Lee Hyun [4], after he was chosen by Ahn Hyundo.

All the trainees have a few things in common:

  • Truly dedicated to the sword
  • Living with dignity and pride
  • Strong, tough and capable of intensive training
  • Living with a strict food diet, and often don't even know how to cook [5]
  • Not very good at socializing
  • Writing skill often very poor, Ahn Hyundo having the poorest handwriting[6]. Overall, their level of school education is rather low.
  • Clueless about consumer trends and media 
  • Shy, if not very clumsy around girls; all of them were single, while entering Royal Road for the first time.
  • Scary to the girls, often seen as hooligans or criminals, because of their look and face.
  • Their second most important goal in life, after sword and honor: to get a girlfriend (even if it's a female orc). Their call : it's better if she can cook [7]

The 5000 trainees (third circle)Edit

Not much is known about them. They do train a lot and the smartest are studying martial art at University as their major. They all know about Lee Hyun, and have strict guideline to follow when they meet him, to avoid any misplaced behavior. 

  • For example Sang Chuan still belong to that group after 3 years of intensive training.


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