The NPC Docke Lancer is the training instructor of Serabourg's Training Hall. As a training officier, he is well connected within the Military in Serabourg. He lives for his wife and for his passion of the sword.

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Level: Around 200 [1]
  • Status: Game world, NPC, unknown
  • Affiliation: Military, Rosenheim kingdom
  • First appearance: [2]


  • iron sword, which he can use as a gift for a dedicated player in the way of the sword [3]
  • Queen Evane's hankerchief


He can introduce players to multiple hidden quest:

  • a first hidden quest to confirm or disapprove the rumors concerning the Moonlight Sculptor class[4].
  • a second quest is to join the punitive force to the Lair of Litvart,
  • a third quest is to seek out Rodriguez, where he shares Queen Evane's hankerchief [5]. Trigger to this quest is to refuse the second quest, for having no class.


  • Docke Locker is passionate about the way of the sword to the point of an instant prejudice to anyone else. He is simple minded, and can be tricked by flattering either his wife or the way of the sword.
  • He is well connected with soldiers in the Rosenheim Army, being able to wrangle a place in the punitive force for Weed
  • His wife is from the barbarian species
  • Through his intervention, Weed met with Seoyoon for the very first time at his own place[6]
  • At the fall of Serabourg, his whereabout is unknown. He might be dead.


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