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Join the LMS Community Edit

You will find : 

  • Latest news on LMS from Korea
  • Latest translation update in real time
  • More than 1800 users who shares the same passion.
  • Chat on various topic related to LMS on discord. Click the invitation link and meet us there.

For new wiki readers Edit

Hi everyone,

  • With over 600 entries, there is a lot to discover on this wiki. Just use the search engine. And if you have any question, just leave your comment beneath the page you are reading.
  • Also, you are welcome to disagree. If so, please, give us your arguments and your novel references; so that we can either correct the page or move the question into the debate section.

Wiki Update PolicyEdit

All latest update are to be found on the Wiki activity page, except for the main page updates.

  • Almost daily, with chapter summary, adding links and reference
  • New pages are added on a regular base.
  • Monthly, with a few new chapter summaries, added by Retlocliv.
  • Bi-monthly with a full section update

This year, we are focusing on refreshing various character and sections, updating template and section.

Want to join the LMS editor community ?Edit


We need you !

New editors are always welcome.

First stepEdit

  • Create yourself an LMS wiki and discord account with the same nickname. And let us know, either through Discord or through this message wall.

Support for beginnersEdit

  • We have a support program at hand to shape you into an expert for this LMS wiki.

( stage 1 : RELAX, it's really easy. It takes 5-10 mn to get the basics. We will send you an email and you can ask our editors Nomendil or Arieszai on discord. ).

  • Just get in touch with us, through discord, and we will help you.
  • Once you have contributed to the collective editing action, you will become an official LMS editor.
  • Any more question ? Feel free to contact the admin
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