Guardian Demon

Demonic warden 5

Warden Demon attack


It was first seen on the floating Island of Lavia[1]. Other possible translation are Hell's guardian or Demonic guardian or Hell's warden


His name suggest that he comes from the lower plane and that he acts as a contracted warden of a special location or treasure. Not much is said about this mysterious demon.

Monster InformationsEdit

  • As a contracte warden from the lower plane, it is obviously a dangerous monster.


  • He probably acts as a warden in the same way as did Van Hawk at Bar Khan's Crypt located under the Sky City, Lavia[2].
  • Level unknown, probably lvl400+[3], except for the fact that Weed considered the place too dangerous[4].
  • The fact that it is demon, and not an undead may suggest that he was not contracted by Bar Khan himself.

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