There is a gaming penalty for dying within Royal Road. This is a key issue for gamers who can lose various resources or/and be excluded from major event (including experience and reward).

A gaming penaltyEdit

  • Logging restriction

A player who died can NOT log in for 24 hours, real time, which means 4 days in game time. Example "Died from loss of health. Cannot log in for 24 hours"[1]. This is a major restriction.

  • Extra penalty

Death penalty is influenced through many variable: the way the character died, his luck, his race and even his class. In any case, it include a random component.

Multiple random penaltiesEdit

  • Random Item loss

When dying, a gamer will loose items. Those can drop or even be destroyed"[2]. In other words, a gamer can have luck when dying, or not[3]. Gamer companions can even take care of items. On the contrary, precious item may break and be lost forever [4].

  • Decrease of skills

Skills will decrease as a result of player's death[5]. The penalty is rather severe : "After one day in real life had passed, he reconnected in front of the teleport gate, (...) various skills had dropped by 5 to 7%. Sculpting mastery had dropped by 7%. Cooking had dropped by 6%. Other skills such as Handicraft, Sword Mastery, and Repair dropped by 5% [6]. The higher the level, the more severe the penalty.

  • Decrease of one level

Level can decrease as a result of player's death [7]. "The worst case is that I'll die. My level will be lowered, and skill proficiency levels will be lowered as well. The skills that I worked up to build with difficulty will all be lowered"[8].

Influence of on death penaltyEdit

Race are not equal in front of death penalty. For example:


Early on, Orcs had many advantages. They had exceptional health and stamina, their death penalty is lower, and they had high defense. Even if Orcs die, the skill loss is insignificant"[9].


On the contrary, f a gamer chose Vampire race, death penalty below applies:

  • The death penalty is 3 times the normal rate of experience, and skill. 
  • But if a vampire is killed 7 times, or a silver nail is embedded into their heart it will definitively die
  • Then return to being human with no means of resurrection[10].

Death penalty and infamyEdit

Players with high infamy and the murderer’s mark receive higher penalties for dying [11].

Death penalty for living sculpturesEdit

For life sculptures there is 2 type of death. Stop living (back to sculpture form) or be definitively destroyed. If revived, a living sculpture will lose 5% of its level[12]. Golgol, who exploded, could still be rebuilt. He pretended to lose his memories to not get scolded by Weed, but did in fact have his memories [13].



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