A unique sculptor belt, made from rare Crimson Wyvern leather, by the master sculptor Daycram[1].

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A unique belt created from the leather of the rare Crimson Wyvern. The center of the belt has a sculpture of a wyvern's head. On both side, there are compartments to store tools.

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Daycram's Leather Belt (Red Wyvern Leather)
Durability: 60/60Defense: 22
A belt created from the leather of a red Wyvern that freely flies the blue sky.
  • A crimson wyvern is a rare creature, and because of its rarity, people ofter wonder of its existence, wearing the belt of the crimson wyvern will attract attention from other adventurers. The belt itself is very durable and won't rip easily, plus its light weight helps the pants from falling when tightened around the waist.
  • The belt has compartments on its side to store tools. It appears sculpting tools can be stored there. The center of the belt has a sculpture of a wyvern's head created by the sculpting Master, Daycram.


  • Only for Sculptor.
  • Level requirement: +150


  • Charm +15
  • Strength +10
  • Agility +30
  • Sculpting Skill +7%
  • If wearing the belt, Fame :+5


  • Clue to hidden Sculptor legacy
    • First clue to Daycram's Sculptor Legacy. It was hidden inside Freya's Church treasure vault[2]. It was given to sculptor Weed, after he successfully retrieved one of their 3 relics, the Crown of Fargo.

References Edit

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