Darone is a master sculptor and that he lives in the city of Regas. He is the master sculptor that passed on his special skill sculpture Transformation to Weed.

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Other than learning Sculptural Shapeshifting from Darone, Weed also obtained movement skill, Quadrupled Run, a special movement skill.

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Quest Giving by Darone: Understanding a Sculpture Darone’s orders

Skills Obtained from Darone: Quadruple run skill. Skill obtained by completed Understanding a Sculpture Sculpture Transformation Sculptural Comprehension

Sculpture made by Darone Sculpture of Ellien, by Master Darone

  • This was the last Sculpture made by Master Darone, with support from Weed.

Sculpture of Darone

  • Weed made this sculpture in memory of his Sculptor Master, Darone.[4].


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Storyline In Kroin, Weed went to souvenir shop to sell his figurines. After his business was done the shop owner then told him about the master-sculptor Darone and that he lives in the town of Rega.

Weed went to the slums of the Rega. The house he was looking for was located somewhere on the outskirts of the fort.  Weed finally found Darone’s house. The house was surrounded by a fence, but he couldn’t really call it one because of how shabby it was. Inside, there stood a middle-aged man.  As he went inside, he quietly watched Darone sculpt. Weed only saw him work for a brief time but he immediately recognized that he was a master. He didn’t want to interfere but the fact that he was making a sculpture resulted in many questions. Darone was carving a middle-aged woman in a wide skirt. While working, he would periodically stop and spit blood on the ground. Only after he finished did he look at Weed.

He told Weed that if he wanted to learned his special skill he need to put him to the test as he don’t just reveal his secrets to anyone. He told Weed to go and try to understand the souls of five living beings. Weed was confused. Weed could not figure out what to do. He then started questioning if weed wanted to learn his secret. Weed answered quickly that he wanted to learn. Weed left the fortress. When he came back after completing the quest Darone was working on a sculpture of a middle-aged woman. While he worked, Weed waited quietly and observed that the sculpture was very similar to the old one. He’s making the same sculpture again and the face was frankly ugly.

If you become a master sculptor, then you have the power to create a princess so beautiful even the gods would turn green with envy. However, the woman had a common face. Darone finally finished and turned to Weed. He told Weed to sculptor the Five living creatures in copied. Afer Weed was done Darone looked at the figurines and nodded. Weed passed his test perfectly. Darone told Weed that his secret is nothing special. All he do is love his work. He don’t use any special techniques or rules when creating sculptures. He just devote his heart to it. That is the secret of a sculptor. Darone wanted to teach him one more skill to help him understand sculpture. Darone coughed and spat out a new batch of blood.

He was not well and his Time is running out. He had an order to create 300 sculptures. So he could leave this world with a peace of mind he needed to fill this order. Darone asked Weed to work for him for a week to help fill this order. After working for a week with Darone, Weed could significantly increase his sculptural skill. Taking orders, chatting, and listening to stories, Weed became friends with Darone. Darone told Weed about the woman he loved. She died soon after they met but she lived on in his memories and that is why he sculpted her. Creating sculptures isn’t an easy job. It’s not enough to see and create an object. You need to put your soul into the job, just as he put his love when he sculpt her.

Thus, while working, there were leisurely conversations. A week flew by. Darone crouched again and coughed up more blood. He gave it his all and was about to depart from the world. He asked Weed to help him finish the sculpture because he didn’t have much time left. Weed stayed for one more day, to take care of Darone. Darone put his whole soul into the last sculpture. Towards the end of the day his cough did not leave him even for a minute and the earth was red with his blood. Finally he finished his last sculpture. It was a middle-aged woman. The one he loved. Putting aside his engraving knife, Darone painfully said: "Well, that’s all. Go and try out several skills.

"Sarah ...?" said Darone. Staring upwards, he drew his last breath and disappeared in a flash of light. At the spot where he died, he left a small wooden sculpture. Only now, after the past few weeks of training did Weed begin to realize what kind of profession he chose and which direction he had to go. Just being a sculptor is not enough; you need to invest your heart into it. Even the smallest fox has its own soul. And it can only be captured by a true master. Weed took out a wooden block, and began to work on a new sculpture. After all, he was the one that saw the final hours of the Engraving Master Darone. And who, if not his very student would have his image in his memory. {Vol 4 Ch 5}


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