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Dark Elf Lady


First appearance in the Plains of Despair[1]. Now a player race [2].

Description Edit

A "black skinned" elfic race [3] which is very proud of their skin color [4]. In fact, "they have black skins and black eyes that shine like pearls! (...) And they are not very tall, but they have flexible body, overflowing with health and beauty". [5]. Description : Nothing is said about their hair (black, white, something else ?). The dark elf citadel in the Plains of Despair is located at the top of a moutain and "the scenery of the surrounding landscape is delightful"[6]. They are also known to live in the Center of the Continent[7].

Race InformationEdit

  • Race special trait 1 : Psychology

A dark elve NPC love to receive flattery [8]; they are very sensitive about is (the romura incident with the older shop keeper Granbell [9]). They may dislike other races. In fact, they can be seen as haughty or arrogant, be it by the orc Elder or humans standard [10]. Also they do NOT have that benevolent elvic nature "to protect and value life" and tend to be "quarrelsome and greedy". "They can be seen as picky, lazy and have to be constantly pampered like they are some kind of nobility"[11].   Otherwise they will be reluctant to have any conversations with humans. Even  shopping or hearing basic stories in a bar is possible but the profit will  still be left minimal. 

  • Race special trait 2 : Nature affinity

They have very keen senses and seems to love high moutain sceneries[12].

  • Race special trait 3 :Weapons

Especially with bow and daggers... Good also at trap setting.

  • Race special trait 4 : Elemental magic

With strong Attack Magic, like Wall of Fire, Ice Storm or Chain Lightning[13] Or summon tree & enlarge, a very useful combo against large monsters[14]Also, capable of summoning elemental spirits as Kasa’s of fire, Undine’s of water, Sylph’s of wind and Noum’s of earth.[15]. In group, they are capable of using a very strong Flame spell who could burn down thousands of orcs in one shot.[16]


  • History

This powerful race is long allied to the blood necromancers and are sheltering their Black Temple. After the Orc conquest of their citadel, they swiftly made an alliance with the glorious orc leader to help him kill the Lich Shire and his undead legion. Their policy : "The enemy of our enemy is our friend". In that sense, their survival skill is stronger than their pride. 

  • Economy

After the undead legion destruction, and the peace truce with the other races, the dark elves started very soon to open shops and sell some of their productions[17]. The local products are fruits, medical herbs, weapons (bows and dagger mostly), various tools... and they have plenty rare things. They also take pride into "in the flexibility, elasticity and rigidity of their cultivated trees" and of any their craftmanship[18]

  • Dark elf

The origin of the fantasy theme of the dark elves is to be found in the old northern mythology[19]. It was updated through Tolkien, and the "dark" and/or "drow" [20] elfic theme was developed through RPG D&D. Especially through the goddess "Lolth" [21] in the Queen of the demon web [22] story. But this part was not included in the LMS novel.


  • Dark elf of the Central Continent
  • dark elf
  • dark elf warrior
  • Dark elf lady

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