A rare item crafted by Bar Khan himself. It enabled the Kallamorian knight Van Hawk to survive death itself in the form of an death knight. Later, he was able to set himself free from Bar Khan's spell, making of this crimson necklace an Unique Item.   


A rare item dropped by Van Hawk. When dropped, Weed didn't have enough requirement to identify it, and was only displayed as 'Crimson Necklace of Life'.

Item Information

               Necklace of the Death Knight:
Durability: 100/100
A summoning item crafted by the Warlock of Darkness, Barkhan Demoph!

This necklace contains the life of the Death Knight, Van Hawk. With this item, you
can summon Van Hawk; however, changing his loyalty from his Lord Barkhan to your own
will not be easy.

If one is not deemed worthy as a master, he will be attacked.

‘Call Death Knight’

Can Summons Death Knight.

+50% Effects of black magic.

+20 Intellect

+10 Wisdom