Continent of Magic (CoM) is a classic online game released 20 years ago that once created a frenzy of gamers in the Republic of Korea. That game remained at the pinnacle of gaming until just 3 years ago. Although the number of players in Continent of Magic has decreased over time, after the servers were integrated into one and became free to play, there were still quite a lot of users playing.

In the two decades since the game was released, there was only one record of a user reaching the highest level in the game.[1] This account was auctioned because of financial troubles.[2]

Notable Users Edit

  1. Weed

References Edit

  1. With the latest patch to Continent of Magic, the maximum level limit was increased to level 200. (Volume 1 Chapter 1)
  2. Lee Hyun auctioned the account to CTS Media for 3,090,000,000 won. (Volume 1 Chapter 1)
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