Colt or Arse, a young male horse that belongs to Rosenheim Kingdom military stable. Assigned to the punitive force bound to the Lair of Litvart[1]. Sir Midvale lent him to Weed as mount, but stubborn Colt hardly give him cooperation.


Weed taming Colt

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Horse
  • Level: 3
  • Status: Game World, Alive
  • Owner: Rosenheim Kingdom
  • First appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 6

NPC InformationEdit

  • Physical Appearance
    • A sad looking young horse, not fully tamed by its trainer.
    • It often gets sick. The person who rides it may get sick if they're not careful.
  • Personality
    • A quick-witted young horse that often tries to prank its rider by its smelly fart.
    • Since he's not fully tamed, it tends to be unfriendly and bites unfamiliar rider.
    • A lazy horse, usually go off-road and stop to eat grass.
    • Thus, everyone gives up on trying to get on top of it.
    • It hates water and refuses to gallop in rain.
    • Chief horse trainer of Rosenheim Kingdom[2] stable describe it as;
      • Disobedient beast that brings nothing but trouble.
      • Mouth firing Colt.
      • A beast that shames his father.


  • Untamed Colt
    • Apparently Weed need both taming skill and riding skill to ride the untamed Colt.
    • Colt bite Weed's hand when he tried to pat its head. At first, it refused to let him rode on its back. Only when some kind of bond formed between them, Weed was able to ride on Colt.
  • Weed Companion on his First Important Quest
    • Weed brought Colt into the Lair of Litvart because there was no one else could look after it.
    • He then tried to build intimacy with Colt by acting, but clever Colt did not waver even a little bit.
    • Weed had to poison the horse by having it drink his blood when it refused to bring him to the nearby village[3].
    • Colt brought Weed to the nearest village where they found a priest to cast a cure spell on them. Weed finally completed the quest and found treasure box left behind by Emperor Geihar Von Arpen for his successor.
    • In the English translation, its name is changed to Arse as a pun for the horse's farting habit[4].


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