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Weed obtained this item as an item drop during the party hunt at Memphis Hall. He previously saw it being sold in a weapons store at the City of Heaven, Lavia for 188 gold. [1]

"Even though the Clay Sword and the Sword of the Dusk Wraith were evidently rare items, they would only sell for half the price at the Citadel of Serabourg." [2]

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This is the stat of the item when Weed first identified it.

Clay Sword
Durability: 12/65Damage: 23~25
A magic sword imbued with the spirit of ice.

Does 2~5 bonus damage to armored target and decreases movement.


Level 60
Strength 200


Grants additional 2-5 Ice Elemental damage.

References Edit

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  2. Weed, commenting on how expensive it is being sold
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