Info to built this building came off the The Ahreupen Imperial Seal whenit was repaired.

List of Builting Edit

Imperial Palace Edit

Imperial Palace of the Ahreupen EmpireAt least 8 million gold in construction costs. Only one can be constructed on the entire continent. Political influence extends to the whole continent. Loyalty and morale of knights will soar. Reduces the likelihood of betrayal from the nobility. It has a lot of maids. You will need a very large territory to construct. If the Imperial Palace is constructed on farmland, then discontent from the civilians will increase dramatically. Has a special effect over the city: Increases the likelihood of wandering knights to pledge their loyalty. Diplomatic effects

Large Colosseum Edit

Large Colosseum At least 300 thousand gold in construction costs. A place for gladiators. Watching the fierce battles will relieve the stress of the citizens. Admission will increase the city’s revenue. The Lord’s reputation will increase when built. The Colosseum will create a lot of brave gladiators. Special Effects: Gladiators will come to test their strength. Rapidly increase the training of soldiers

Rock Fort Edit

Rock Fort At least 500 thousand gold in construction costs. Can serve as a citadel for the city. Can be build in mountains and high cliffs. Has essential shops and housing for soldiers. Depending on the terrain, a number of blessings can be granted and it can be used as an outpost against monster raids. The number of quests available to fight against monsters increase significantly and materials gathered from monsters will become available on the market. If the fort falls, then the Lord’s reliability to provide the residents safety drops sharply. Special Effects: Expansion of territory

Ahreupen Grainery Edit

Special Ahreupen Grainery.At least 40 thousand gold in construction costs. This is a very special building. A very large building towering towards the sky! The Ahreupen Empire created multiple layers inside the grainery to store large amounts of grain. Can store large amounts of grain, alcohol, and fruit underground for very long periods of time. Reduces the number of starving residents and stabilizes the price of food. Residents will not need to worry about food and children like to look at the large granaries. When the continent was united under the Ahreupen Empire, this was the most essential building for safety, fertility, and the economy. City wide festivals can be triggered. Special Effects: Neighboring residents will immigrate because they will not need to worry about starving

Mysterious Fairy Pond Edit

Mysterious Fairy PondConstruction Cost: 1000 gold A small, quiet natural ponds with clear water is a favorite for Fairies. It is difficult to find a place to build it. Once the pond is built, then fairies will come to play around. In most cases the fairies will not pull malicious pranks. The Fairy Queen may present unexpected gifts. Special Effects: Increase nature affinity and mysterious events may occur.

Ahreupen Houses Edit

Ahreupen HousesConstruction Costs: 2000 gold. A four story building made out of stone. Sturdy and does not break easily. These middle class houses can house many generations of residents together. It will become more popular if built next to a lake or a river. Increases public security and the satisfaction of the residents. Special Effects: Increase the resistance to natural disaster and reduces damaging to the structure

Sculptor’s Cave Complex Edit

Sculptor’s Cave Complex At least 30 thousand gold in construction costs. A place for sculptors to gather and learn new sculpting techniques. Helps to develops the city’s culture

Castle Ruins Edit

Castle Ruins At least 70 thousand in construction costs. To build this structure the city’s culture, art, and technology must be evenly developed. A special building from the Ahreupen Empire that spirits live in. Spirits like to play tricks on young children. Spirits can not be caught. Spirits reduce the number of children attacked by monsters. This building increases the development of magic

Ahruepen Merchant Center Edit

Ahruepen Merchant Center At least 25 thousand gold to construct. The Ahreuepn Empire preferred artists and merchants. Independent free traders can rest here. Built in places with good public security so their wagons can be stored here. It is possible to increase bargaining skills and the movement speed of wagons for a few days after resting here

Tilted Leaning Tower Edit

Tilted Leaning Tower At least 150 thousand gold in construction costs. Questions will be raised as to the nature of the Leaning Tower Raises elemental affinity with mages. Special Effects: Raises elemental affinity based on the nature of the surrounding area.

Leather Production Center Edit

Leather Production Center.At least 1200 gold in construction costs. This place will sell leather and leather products

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