It is a weapon Weed obtained at the weapons store in Laos for 195 gold.[1]

Item InformationEdit

This is the information when Weed picked it up.

Cimeter that Frequently Changes Owners
Durability: 59/59
A cimeter that any child of the desert knows who to use.

A thick and heavy piece that won’t easily break. The flexible blade will show a high attack power.

Weight: 35


Level 15 More than 40 Strength


The durability will reduce slowly.

Will degrade armour by 60% when attacking.

When striking a downward blow, attack power +5.


  • It costs 250 gold but Weed got a discount due to the title "Person Who Calls Rain" [2]


  1. Volume 34 Chapter 8
  2. A person who can call rain in the desert is valuable for the desert tribes
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