Weed first encountered them as one of his Master Quest objectives. Weed had to kill 35 Chronodons to satisfy his quest requirements. The Chronodon is native to the El Nath Mountains and the Grey Lakes[1].


Chronodons are very large flying creatures. Weed compared them with his Wyverns and said that Chronodons are much larger[2]. They often hunt in packs but can sometimes hunt alone.

  • The average Chronodon level is 315[3]
  • Boss Class Chronodon level is over 480[4]

Monster InformationEdit

  • Possess the ability to fly
  • Are very aggressive, will attack players and NPCs[5]
  • Often flees and returns with large numbers when they are threatened
  • Are known to burn down Orc strongholds with their fire breath[6]
  • Enjoy eating large bird eggs[7]
  • Have poor night vision and hunt mainly when the sun is up[8]


  • The entire Chronodon tribe in the El Nath Mountains was hunted by Weed's sculptural lifeforms while he was doing the quest[9]
  • Chronodons are intelligent enough to hold a conversation with its kin[10]
  • Weed was able to hunt all 35 Chronodons without losing a single Orc [11]


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