Stats are values that describe the 'power' of a player's specific attribute or characteristic in Royal Road.


Stats are the player's foundation inside the game. The combination of techniques and a strong fundation is the basis for a succesful character. The better such combination gets, the less is the action itself influenced by real world laws [1]. In a way, it can be looked at as a way to slightly bend Royal Road features to the player character benefits. Therefore, depending on the type of stat, a higher or lower value will increase or decrease the player ability to succeed or fail in a specific situations.

Statistic Information Edit

Stats are introduced in alphabetical order. Note that not all the stats listed apply to every gamer. There are standard stats, but some are race or class specific. Some stats are even personally earned.

Affinity to Nature [2] 자연과의 친화력 This stat require love and understanding toward nature in order to grow. Affinity to Nature boost the power of Nature Sculptures. Affinity to nature can be decreased if user destroy nature sculptures, damage the nature in order to build town or fortresses, or attack other creatures that’s close with Nature such as Elves and fairies.

Affinity to Nature is also essential to bring out the most potential of Nature disaster[3]

Agility [4] 민첩성 Effects movement Speed, attack speed, rate of success for attack and defense. Agility also effecting better Evasion and higher successful attack rate.
Art [5] 예술 An ability in comprehending and practicing beauty. Art renders meals and products elegant in an aesthetic and practical sense. This stat Improves when you appreciate beautiful things, old murals and ornaments through your five senses; or through the direct creation of artwork.
Attack [6] 공격력 The rate of success and damage in combat. Total attack comes from other stats, equipment, skills and spells bonus.
Charisma [7] 카리스마 Persuasive power. This stat is considered as an investment of its own and cannot be raised through bonus points. In a dancer's case it raises the quality of the overall appearance.In a Leader's case it affects the amount of influence one can exercised over the troops.
Charm [8] 매력 This attribute represents the ability to attract people, primarily those of the opposite sex. One becomes more attractive and charming. One of the main attributes for bards, dancers and party leaders. If your profession is related to crafting, charisma will help you to create more detailed


Courage[9] 용기 Main stat for Orc. Orc is a race that always fight their whole life. They judge other based on their courage and how strong their opponent compared to them. They have to fight giant monsters since their childhood which make them much stronger than other race at same level. Orcs need courage to demonstrate their lack of law and order to protect. [10] Beside Orc, it also stat that boost the power of Martial Artist and Adventurer. Martial Arts was a profession where they must overcome limitations. One must have the courage to jump down from a cliff in order to get stronger. [11]
Defense [12] 방어력 Total from stats, equipment, skills and spell bonuses. Increase success rate of avoiding attack in combat, while reducing damage. 
Dignity [13] 기품 Residents will be respectful. Residents will have reduced complaints about paying taxes. One can increase this stat while leveling up. Also increases when ruling wisely over people. Rendering service to people through successful quest, works of art, or even buildings can increase the stat.
Endurance [14] 지구력 Reduces physical damage and numb the painful feeling inflicted by the enemy, and even increases the user’s health by a small amount. It is impossible to distribute bonus points into this stat and its growth depend on the regular actions of your own during fight.
Faith [15] 신앙 Through praises and devotion to Gods, user will be able to receive special ability from Gods. Faith is known to influence the power of divine magic. When faith reached 600, it increased defense and resilience[16]. Effects from blessings and healing magic becomes greater and one ability to withstand the dark magic. It also increase leadership over Paladins.
Fighting Spirit [17] 투지 Momentarily increase power and force weaker monsters to surrender by staring at them. It is impossible to distribute bonus points into this stat and its growth depend on the character’s actions, especially during a long fight, or when you are facing monsters stronger than your level, and on how efficient you fight.
Honor [18] 명예 Honor has a great influence on one resident’s loyalty and diplomacy. It will also be a great help when recruiting free knights. As a noble, doing righteous acts will increase this stat.
Insight [19] 통찰력 Originates when wisdom and knowledge is very high. Sometimes obtained when discovering hidden secrets in ruins, learning incomprehensible spells, improving magic spells or winning great battles. This stat will have a positive impact across many areas. There is a chance to turn the enemy’s magic attacks upside down, easily find traps and know about a monster’s ambush in advance. Certain senior magic requires insight so it will affect the acquisition of high level, special skills.
Intellect [20] 지력 Also known as intelligence, it affects efficiency of magic, rate of mana recovery and maximum level of mana.
Knowledge[21] 지식 First mentioned in volume 1. need further investigation
Leadership [22] 통솔력 Affects level of trust from troops and efficiency while managing them. The higher your leadership, the greater your control over NPC units, and the easier it is to obtain pets and mercenaries. Leadership can be gain through actions and/or speeches in front of masses, especially soldier. However, Low leadership points plus low intimacy with subordinates can cause the subordinates to attack the user. Leadership point also can be gained when user become a leader of a party.
Luck [23] 행운 Affects rate and quality of item drop and overall accuracy of incoming attacks/magic. Will also influence many other aleatory events. For example can reduce the quality of items dropped when PKed.
Magic Resistance [24] 마법 저항력 Magic Resistance usually come from expensive items or accessories. But magic resistance can also be increased through cooking skill. Dishes from high cooking skill will be able to produce some non-permanent magic resistance.
Mentality [25] 정신력 Improves Concentration. Decrease Magic failure rate and increase success rate even during Confused Status. Increase attack power in Melee and it also increase the speed of the attack. This stat is very useful for Warrior, Adventurer and Wizard. It is impossible to distribute bonus points into this stat and its growth depend on the Character’s actions.
Perseverance [26] 인내력 This stat mainly given when user is starting as Warrior class. Increasing perseverance will reduce damage taken from enemy attack. It also slightly increases user’s Vitality. User can distribute Bonus point to this stat, but this stat mostly got increased when user receives damage.
Stamina [27] 스태미나 It affects the rate of stamina used in action. One is prohibited from distributing stat bonus points to this stat. Stamina is a passive stat that is not in character stat table.
Strength [28] This particular stat determine the power behind an attack, just like in the real world. For example, a punch thrown while running away had much lower destructive power as opposed to a punch thrown at a close range. Therefore, damage is determined by how much one could control his own power. Posture, muscle use, proximity, and explosion of power. While fighting monsters, maximum damage will not be dealt if one's attacks do not employ full strength. [29]
Toughness [30] 인성 An ability to endure blows. The more hits a body has received, the stronger the it can resist to that attack. Toughness contributes on increasing maximum health point. In previous translation, it also referred as resilience.
Undead Power [31] 죽은 자의 힘 Also translated power of the undead[32]. It is generated automatically when user change into an undead state and stay over a certain amount of time. One cannot distribute bonus points to this stat as it automatically increases as more time is spent as an undead. Power of Undead boost intelligence, dark magic and necromancy (Summon Undead)

However, there are side effects on switching into undead. Power of Undead grow rapidly during Battle, and after a certain point, it can be increased by consuming other stats. Other Stats that are affected (can be consumed/redistributed) by Power of Undead: Charm, Dignity, Luck, Faith, and Morality. When this Stat is higher than other good stats, user will not be able to change back from undead into their original form. Depending on the stats, it has absolute dominance over weaker Undead. This stat can be reduced by cultivating Faith or receiving purification from high priest.

Vitality [33] 체력 Continuous usage of physical strength will boost Vitality. When users is using their vitality heavily, their Vitality and Stamina will be boosted. In case of Wizard class, it will increase their wisdom and intelligence points.
Willpower [34] 맷집 Increases concentration. No matter how chaotic your surroundings are, one's skill success rate rises and failure rate of magic decreases. Damage in melee range increases too. For example, warriors, adventurers, or magicians strongly benefit from it and will admire those with outstanding willpower. It also speeds up growth of Fighting Spirit. Points can not be distributed to this stat. It will increase by itself based on character’s actions.Resistance to enemy charm spells or overwhelming auras (such as powerful monsters).
Wisdom [35] 지혜 It affects efficiency of divine magic, rate of mana recovery & maximum level of mana.


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