Flame Blazing Chaos Warrior


The Jigolaths


It is a monster warrior living in the volcanic lands of the Las Phalanxs[1]. Also one of Weed favorite Sculptural Shapeshifting avatar[2].


The Chaos Warriors wield weapons like axes and are numerous in the Jigolaths[3]. They only take a defensive stance before activating their teleportation skill and when their health is decreased they group together[4] Their leader is the powerful warrior, Kubichya and he was the one holding the Dragon Sword, Red Star[5].

Monster InformationEdit

  • The Chaos Warriors are dominating the Jigolaths[6].
    • They easily hunt Bolards[7].
    • They are natural enemies of the Fire Giants[8].
    • They are usually hiding in the shadows waiting for prey[9] and are very hard to hunt[10].
  • They have a strong affinity with the fire element[11].
    • They wield axes covered in flames[12].
    • An ability to strengthen themselves through fire, up to 30%[13]
    • Blink: A short range teleportation skill which they can use at will [14].


    • Desert warrior can develop a similar ability[15].
  • Weed battling the Chaos warrior tribe
    • Weed memorized the teleportation pattern of the Chaos Warriors to be able to defeat them[16].
    • Killing a certain amount of Chaos Warriors will provide temporary fire resistances buff in the Jigolaths as a reward[17].
    • Defeated Chaos Warriors drop items like gold coins, minerals, equipments, weapons like the Chaos Axe, and fire items like the Flame Orbs[18].
    • Weed created undead Chaos Warriors with physical abilities and skills, including the Blink skill, plus the limitless stamina of undead[19].
    • The Chaos Warriors leaded by Kubichiya tried to obtain the Imbeol's Circle so that him could absorb its mana and evolve into a more powerful monster, the Circle was defended by the Inferno Knights, the Fire Giants and the Baovants. In the end, Weed was able to stop Kubichiya and his warriors[20].
    • After defeating Kubichiya, Weed completed his quest and received the rewards from the Inferno Knight leader, Ivan, even receiving the title Successor of the Niflheim Empire[21], probably related to Seulreo's goal.
  • Weed shapeshifting into Kubichiya


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