Chaos Axe is an uncommon drop item from Chaos Warrior in Las Phalanx.[1] Considering the fact that killing Chaos Warrior is not an easy task, and there is nobody willing to casually go to Las Phalanx, this item is ranked as a extremely rare item.

Item Information Edit

This is the stat of the item when Weed identified it.

Chaos Axe
Durability: 130/130Damage: 175~191
Axe of the warriors from Las Phalanx. This weapon created from the mixture of metals and minerals emits an aura of chaos.

Imbued by chaos aura.


Limited only to combat related professions.
Advanced Axe Mastery is required.
Strength must be 1,300 and above.
Minimum level limit is 420.


It can deal a fatal blow towards enemies with weak defense.
Can launch a consecutive series of fatal blows.
Has a 3% mana absorption.
The chaos aura imbued in the axe allows teleportation within a short distance.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed assumed that this was a unique item [2], but it is actually a rare item since he got more than one.

References Edit

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  2. v20c5 'A unique item has appeared! The axe is a heavy weapon that has a lot of destructive force.'