Ceramic Production

Ceramic large pot

Large Ceramic Pot


Ceramic creation[1] is a major skill, which unlock a new production class, with added artistic value, the Ceramist. Weed unveiled it while completing the Sculpting Master Quest the Sanctuary of the Four Races[2]


  • A new production skill. It creates ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, clayware, slipware[3].
  • Ceramic products can have a high artistic value making it a luxury product in the continent, painters can paint it, sculptors can engrave it [4].
  • A new profession was created, the Ceramist, and a sculptor can change his job to a ceramist[5].

Skill InformationEdit

  • The requirements to make ceramics were Blacksmithing Intermediate level 7 along with ability to deal with fire[6].
  • To create ceramics without the Pottery skill, the user needs to blend various existing skills, like Handicraft, Engraving and Blacksmith skill[7].
  • Of course, Mud, water and a fire are the materials needed to create ceramics[8], which Weed found on site.
  • Nothing is said about this new skill tree.
  • Advancement is based on the classic beginner, intermediate, advanced and master stage. Class having been "lost" (hidden feature), no information was given yet on how to raise it.
  • Pottery in the making (handmade)
  • Various type of Ceramic
  • Traditional Greek Ceramic
  • Painted Ceramic
  • Engraved Pottery
  • Ceramic of various size


  • Discovery of the Ceramic Skill in Ratzenburg.
    • When Weed discovered Montvertruria close the City of Ratzenburg, the Sanctuary of the first Elves, Humans, Orcs and Dwarves, he found the first Circle of the Gods and their statues made in clay[9].
    • After the first ceramic bowls Weed created, his blacksmith and Sculpting Mastery were increased[10].
    • A new profession was created, the Ceramist, and a sculptor can change his job to a ceramist[11].
  • Team production and business trend
    • Weed asked Yurin to bring his friends over to challenge the underground Dungeons[12]. Yet after watching Weed beautiful works, his companions asked him to teach them the skill, this included Zephyr, Hwaryeong, Seoyoon, Pale, Mapan [13], Irene, Surka[14].
    • Weed mixed Moonlight Sculpting to create more amazing ceramics and Yurin painted them[15].
    • Weed's ceramic products were sold by Mapan with a 10 times margin, thanks to Weed's high fame and high art stat, creating a new trading trend within the nobilities of the Versailles Continent[16].
  • Special quest item
    • Weed created ceramic eggs to help himself to complete one of his Sculpting Master Quest given by the Orcs[17].

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