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A high level item, it is a Unique Item and beautiful, Hwaryeong obtained it from the Vampire 's treasury as reward after the liberation of Todeum Kingdom[1].

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A beautiful fan made of bamboo.

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                               Celine's Fan[2]
Durability: 55/55              Attack: 12~21
Eastern styles folding fan. 
Fan carved out of bamboo with 12 kinds of colorful silk attached. 
It can be spread out with just a flick due to it silky attachments.
Small grains of gems are embedded within this, 
so its beauty can still be seen even within the dark. 
Dancers often use Celine’s Fan. 
Reason being the alluring seduction.


Level 400. 

Charm more than 620.
If the Dancer is famous or have more than 700 Attractiveness, then the Restriction will 
decrease by 25%. 

+60 Charm. 
+60 Charisma. 
+30 Stamina. 
+20 Agility. 

All Bard skills +20% effectiveness. 
All Dancer skills +40% effectiveness. 

Enable Fan Dance skill. Dance skill has to be in Advanced to use it.

Skill Edit

  • The Fan Dance:
Advanced dance skill. 

A very elegant Easter style dance. 

Make monsters with Intelligence fall in shame and suffer damages. 

While lifting moral of colleagues and recover from status, 
enhance their combat capacity by 15%. 

In times of peace, if danced before the royal family or nobles, 
will gain the residences’s favor. 

The effect of Charm and Charisma increases by 80%.

Trivia Edit

In Weed's opinion the item is not that good as a 400 level item but as it can reduce user's level restriction, it is quite useful[3].

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