Raising your skill mastery is a key to success in RR. Many players are missing the importance of skill development, focusing only on level. v4c7


A skill is not to be confused with its end result. It's the "know how" to do it.

For example spell casting is a skill, the spell is the end result. The end result of a skill can end in failure. Still, your skill can growth, if the user learns from it and correct the mistake

A skill without practice loose his edge. There a skill need to growth.

Each class has his own Master skill, which can be seen as its first or major skill. For example, for weed its moonlight sculpting. For Combat class, its their weapon master skill v27c6. 

A skill can lead to the development of one or more subskill.

A skill represent a specific ability and the related knowledge for a character. A skill is also described or translated through other names, including proficiency, talent or technique.

In RR, over 10.000 of classes and 100.000 of skills and subskills are said to exists. (v1c1)  For more information: wikipedia

Skill growthEdit

For every skill, you always have the same structure with 3+1 development stage The stages are :

  1. Beginner 1-9  
  2. Intermediate 1-9
  3. Advanced 1-9
  4. Master Quest , with 12 to 20 stage v27c6

When a skill reach Beginner Level 10, it is converted to Intermediate level 1, and so on, with an exception for the master stage. To win over the master title, the player will first have to succesfully master the 5 major skill of his class or profession. 

At each new stage, the player gets new benefits and even new skills. Those new skill start at beginner level and are to be considered as a subskill related to a class or profession. v3c8

The skill growth can also be roughly linked to the user's level (v2c4). But it's not always the case (v5c8 or v27c6)

If a player does NOT practice a skill, he can loose some of his level v25c1

Skill limitationEdit

The type and or the level of skill is limited by your class or stat.

  • Permanent limitation
The maximum number of skill that a user can learn :
    • before his class/profession is undecided : 10.
    • after his class/profession is decided : 15
Therefore a user has to choose wisely.
Also, there are exclusive skill, related to a master. Those special skill, even within a class, are seen as a speciality. Therefore those skill are withheld from the primary class (v1c3) and need to be acquired by the user himself.
  • Temporary limitation
Various temporary limitation can be found in RR
    • Alcohol : Being drunk forbid the use of skills that involving wisdom, intelligence and mana... v5c3
    • Coldness  : 3 stages, until death. Impact on skill use (v9c3 et v9c5)
Skill effects have decreased by 40%.
Skill effect decreased by 60% & mana decrease
Battle skills cannot be used. Person cannot move
    • Mana : Lack of mana forbid the use of any skill related to mana. 
    • Other ressource can also gone missing (food, material, money, time, etc...)
Taking all those limitation into account is a key to success. 

Skill AcquisitionEdit

There are various way to learn a skill. In any case, a test will certainly take place... If a player has the prerequisite, a good way to learn is to receive it from:

  • choosing a class or a race
  • finding a hidden class with a special skill
  • solving a quest linked with a skill (skill or class quest)

A player can also :

  • Go to the Classes’s Guild and get a NPC to teach you
  • Get enough intimacy with a NPC (of at least intermediary skill mastery) that will agree to teach him the skill.
  • Acquire a “skill book” (Rare). For example master sculptor Geilhar von Harpen legacy.
  • Repeat an action related to a certain skill, and then get approval from a guild for that skill.

Skill GrowthEdit

There are various strategies to raise skills. A good tactic is to practice as much as possible and in new creative ways. Also use valuable material. Or raise helpful stat, for example intelligence and wisdom for more and better mana management v4c2. If skill improve through constant repetition.v4c3

  • A combat skill improve mostly through training and combat
  • A craft skills will improve through practice.
  • A survival skill will improve through adventure
  • A magical skill can also improve to learning and meditation

Skill CombinationEdit

The ability to combine skill is related to skill proficiency and stat v29c6. Combining skill can be very powerful For example, Pale, as an archer at level 400 is capable to combine the use of 4 skills at the same time (v29c6), which suggest this general rule : 

  • Level 100+ can only use one skill
  • Level 200+ can use or combine 2 skills at the same time
  • Level 300+ can use or combine 3 skills at the same time
  • Level 400+ can use or combine 4 skills at the same time

We don't know yet what kind of limitation there is to this rule within RR.

Combining skills supports skill grows

It is an efficient way to develop and make a user skill grows. For example blacksmithing and sculting (engraving) or ceramic and sculpting. It is also a way to acquire new subskills. For example blacksmith and sword sharpening or sewing and ironing.

Skill RessourcesEdit

  • Use of mana
Some skill need mana to activate. Other skill do not have mana requirement v2c1. For a mana using skill, developping a strong mana source is an important asset. For non mana using skill, they are sometimes called passive skill. 
  • Use of material
Some skill, especially the craft skills, need specific materials and tools to be activated. Materials can be 1,2 or 3 tier material. Some special unique material can also be found. The material invested, and even the quality of the tool will influence the quality and even the success of the end result and therefore the amount of experience won.  And of course, stat, luck and level of expertise has an influence too. 
  • Item
Some rare item are capable of strenghtening a skill. A good example is Zahab sculpting knife.


References Edit

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