User's species

Inhabitants, living in the Versailles Continent.

List of regular species

We have seen so far :

  1. Avian
  2. Barbarian
  3. Dwarf
  4. Elf
  5. Human
  6. Orc


Orc and avian are special addition of new races that were unlock later on. In both case, it was done through Weed.

Multiple subchoices

Translation: species or races. We use the same word as the translator to describe those various species and tribes the gamers could belong to. Within a species, there are multiple sub-choices. For example, Dark elf is a possible subchoice for gamers into elfic races.

Special access to undead status

  • Undead status

This condition is a status and not a race as such. It can only be considered as an alteration of an existing character. This status can be acquired temporary or permanently. Why ? Because

  1. this is NOT an option that can be choose as beginners.
  2. there is a stat measuring the state, called undead power.

Temporary access

This special status can be given to a player character, through dark magic (sometimes translated black magic) or through blood contamination (vampire status). The undead power Character Stats measure this ability to temporary access this special status. Also, this status can evolve, depending on stat, skill and experience point.

Permanent acess

If the undead power stat raise over a certain limit, the gamer will be stuck with this undead status. Also, another permanent way to directly access the status was offered from Tori, Vampire Lord to Seoyoon. But she refused.

Key to unlock an Empire

For a kingdom, having 5 species living on his territories is a prerequisite to unlock the special Empire status. So those species are also a strategic element to consider from a gamer point of view.

List of user's regular species

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