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Some skill, especially craft or magic skills, requires specific materials to be activated or raised.

Description Edit

Material is ranked, as everything else in Royal Road.

  • Quality material
As any other item, materials are ranked by rarity/quality:
    • Regular or common material are level 1 tier material
    • Uncommon material are level 2 tier material
    • Rare or special material are level 3 tier material
  • Impact on results
The material invested in the process will positively influence the end result of a craft skill production (sculpting, blacksmithing, etc). For example :
    • Chance of Success
    • Amount of benefits earned ( in term of experience, stat bonus or other strength related to the result)
    • Quality of benefits (rating, number of added attributes... )
Of course, stat, tool, luck or level of skill proficiency also have an influence on the end result.
  • Market value
Price is related to rarity/quality of a material.


Material InformationEdit

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