Items are in-game objects that players interact with in Royal Road. There are various types of items like armor, jewelry, clothes, food, tools, weapons, books, material, etc.

Item Mechanics


Items all have different effects and uses depending on the type of item they are. Equippable items such as armor and weapons can increase (or even decrease) the stats of a player. Material can be crafted into other items with special effects depending on the material. Potions and food can temporarily change the stats of a player.

Item Restrictions

The usage of items can be locked behind specific requirements like profession, level, skill proficiency, attributes, or even stats. For example, in the item information for the Kallamore Knight Sword:

Kallamore Knight Sword

Level 200
300 Strength
May only be wielded by Knights.

Item Categories

Items are categorized into different groups related to their price and rarity:

Item Sources

There are many ways to obtain items:

  • Dropped by killing monsters, considered 'loot'
  • Purchased from shops
  • Given by NPCs through a quest
  • Given by other players
  • Crafted by NPCs or players (Player-crafted items tend to have better bonuses, but are more expensive or difficult to be found.)
  • Purchased online in real life

In Real Life

Online Purchases

Players can buy and sell items on the Internet, like on online auctions, using real money.

Dark Gamers

Dark Gamers make a living by renting their skills or selling items from the game. Therefore, finding rare or unique items can become a reliable source of income especially when selling them on the Internet.


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