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On the central continent,dungeons are scattered everywhere, and strong monsters abounded [1].

Dungeon InformationEdit

A dungeon can become a large source of income for a guild or a Royal family, especially if it has interesting features for adventurers and, if the guild is powerful enough to secure the commercial rights[2].

  • A good example of a Dungeon Management by a guild is the Melbourne Mine managed by the Black Lion Guild [3]
  • Another example is the Gold mine near the formos Castle in the Tullen Kingdom[4]. It describes the entrance fee : Entering cost 1000 gold and 25% of the income. The Gold mine was an important income for the Tullen kingdom's Royal family.


  • In the land of the South
  • A dungeon's solitary window
  • An open jail door
  • Going deeper
  • An underground drain
  • Around the corner
  • Lost temple
  • Closed door
  • Light in the dark
  • Jail door
  • Underground


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