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Blood-Absorbing Jewel is a 1st Class Blacksmith Item given to Weed by Herman. It is later on carved to a Tempting Vampire Ring and given to Tori in exchange for work.

Item(s) Created With This Material[]

Material Information[]

                                Blood-Absorbing Jewel
Durability: 7
Item related to the Blacksmith Production Skill[1]

Ultimate Blacksmith Material
A jewel that was the cause of a war between the Masen and Aberdeen Kingdoms.

The jewel was eventually owned by the Aberdeen Kingdom but 3 queens met tragic deaths 
and their blood was scattered.

The jewel hasn’t been processed yet but it still deals out bad luck to those that work 
with it.

1st class Blacksmith item.
The effect of skills related to blood will increase.
The Luck stat will decrease by 13 when it is processed.
Charm increased by 7.
A special skill can be acquired.


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