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  • Content

First mention v1c1, Artisanship, tier 3 black smith. v2c1, Learning v4c2, Extrat subskills Swordgrin & armor polish v4c3 at intermediary level Importance of good material v4c7 Can used in combination with engraving (applied sculpting skill) or item repairing skill, where it can help to melt and reform a broken piece. The use of high quality material give and extra bonus. Example: work with Helium in vol24c4. Weed moved from Intermediate 5 to intermediate 7. The skill also largely benefit from the handicraft skill (advance level 8)  At intermediate level, it can be used to build siege weapon v23c5

  • Other skills

Sword Grinding - Sharpens the sword on the Grind and increases the damage of sword. Although Excessive Sharpening can reduce durability So need to sharpen with care. Armour Polish – confuses and dazzles enemies along with an increase in defense.

Blacksmith skill Edit

  • Beginner

Level 1 You have learned the skills of a blacksmith. Depending on the skill level, the requirements on equips go down by 2 percent or more. If you have mastered the skill of a blacksmith to master level, you can wear the   items of other professions despite limitations. Level 2 Your blacksmith level has risen to beginner 2.The attacking characteristics of weapons are now stronger. Now you can make more weapons too. Level 3 Your blacksmith level has risen to beginner 3. Defense on your items have been increased. Now you can make bronze and copper armor. Level 4 Your blacksmith level has risen to beginner 4.The attacking characteristics of weapons are now even stronger. Now you can change the shape of a completed sword. Its durability decreases, but the attack power will increase. Level 5 Your blacksmith level has risen to beginner 5.Now the armor you make will become easier and more comfortable to wear. You can now make boots. Level 6 Your blacksmith level has risen to beginner 6. Offensive and defensive characteristics of manufactured items are greatly enhanced.

  • Intermediate

All stats will increase by 5 Fame will increase by 50 Art will increacse by 3

  • Advanced


  • Mastery

Reaching the master status. -The skill proficiency of blacksmithing has reached the peak. You have become a master blacksmith who burned with the soul of fire and controls metal freely. On the Versailles Continent, blacksmiths made protective equipment out of love. Sweat dropped in the hot heat and you have realized the secret of combining metal with fire. The durability of all weapons, armour and items produced has increased. Newly created equipment will be given at least one to three additional features. As a blacksmith, you can understand the traces of battle engraved on weapons and armour. You can get the latest combat experience and skills from three equipment a day. You have gained control over fire. All fire related abilities will improve and mana consumption is reduced. Additional attributes will be applied by drawing out the hidden power of weapons and armour. The serious passion means that the proficiency of all combat skills will improve by 7%. You have gained a firm patience so health and vitality has increased by 120%. Special ingredients will allow you to create a hero’s sword or hero’s armour up to five times. All stats will increase by 40. Production quests can be received without any limitation.

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