Black Imugi
Black Imugi

Also translated black Imogii

Deceased Boss-class monsterEdit

It was summoned by Weed with the help of the Matallost Church Artifact, the Token of Alliance

Weed could kill it and recover some of its skin, which was used for a sculpture.

Living sculptureEdit

Was sculpted and awakened by Weed after defeating the real Black Imugi.Edit

  • Name: Black Imugi
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Asian Dagon, Boss-class monster
  • Status: Game World, Alive
  • Owner/Master: Weed
  • Appearances: As a asian black snake dragon
  • Description: A living sculpture made after the death of the real Black Imugi. It is difficult to manage. Cannot be fully tamed. It is used by Weed to clean up the area around Morata in Arpen Kingdom. It was also used for war purpose in the first guild war in the North. 
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