Drake cloak

Drake cloack


  • In most cases, there is no level limit on cloaks and they are easy to sell.

But the Black Drake Cloak is something that every gamer wanted but that was difficult to get. It makes his wearer very fast


It increased:

  • movement speed by up to 7% depending on the level of the person wearing it.
  • physical defense
  • magical defense

If the wind blows, the user can temporarily float on it. And if falling, the user cannot crash.


  • Unlike flying magic, it cannot go against the flow of wind.


  • A cape that Weed looted from a high level Hermes Guild user he killed in the Gold Mine or in the Ataorg's lair attack[1].


  1. First mention in Volume 43 Chapter 8

In addition, the wearer wouldn’t crash even when falling from a very high place.

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