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Melbourne Mine


움바 벨카인. Female partner of Belkain, Red. According to the history of the continent, this female demon was said to have climbed out of the bottom of hell[1].


  • Truly a demon boss monster, of level 620+ in a hidden, secret, underground lair.
  • Her life partner is Belkain Red.
  • Physical features
    • She has long menacing horns and a long tail, with feathers[2].
    • She is a large size monster.
  • Location
    • In a hidden dungeon, "the Belkain lair", beneath the level 4 of the Melbourne Mine, beneath the Haineph Mountain Range[3].
    • The lair was a huge cave with many passages connected to it[4].

Monster InformationsEdit

  • Special skill
    • A long tail and 2 sturdy arms with paws that are capable of killing 5-6 high-level users in one round[5].
    • She can also call upon her babies and count on the help of others monsters of the lair, like Hellhounds level 400+[6].
  • Magic skill
    • She can use a large scale and very destructive earth elemental magic, which makes her very dangerous, even for a high-level party[7].
    • This demon is an expert at Earth magic. She can use:
      • Earth waves which shake the ground.
      • Multiple Telekinesis, making huge stone floating and rotating around her arms, which she can throw at users at will.
      • Earthquake[8].


  • History of Belkain
    • 100 years ago it caused terrible damage to the Tullen Kingdom until the High Elves were able to make her retreat. Severely wounded, she escaped to the Haineph Mountains, which is now part of the Black Lion Guild territory[9].
  • 12th stage Bard Ray's Black Knight Master Quest
    • Bard Ray received 12th stage of his Black Knight master quest to kill The Monster inside Melbourne Mine and retrieve a sword. Only then he can learn "Destruction" Swordsmanship skill[10].
    • He and his imperial guard travel through Teleport Gate[11] to Treipeak Stronghold in order to reach Melbourne Mine. He used The Bead that shook the earth in order to awaken the monster. Melbourne Mine ground shook wildly at that time and entrance to Belkain Lair was revealed[12].
    • At first, he mistook Belkain Woomba as the monster mentioned in the quest, but after she died, her life partner, Belkain Red appeared. After they defeated Belkain Red the 12th stage quest marked as completed.
  • Bard Ray and Weed First Encounter on Versailles Continent
    • This is also the first fated direct encounter with Weed since the CoM game[13].

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