Melbourne Mine

Melbourne Mine


새끼 벨카인. Also translated belkain's babies, or young Belkain[1]. They act as the guardian of Belkain Lair's entrance and protects their Boss-class monster parents, Belkain and Belkain, Red.


  • Belkain's children are demonic offspring of at least level 440[2].
  • Physical Appearance
    • They should look similar to their parents, just smaller in size.
    • No further description so far.
  • Location
    • In the hidden dungeon, belkain's lair, beneath the Melbourne Mine[3].

Monster InformationEdit

  • Combat features
    • Skin hard as metal. Tail and Pawns.
    • It attacks in numbers in Belkain's lair.
  • Other features
    • Even demons want to protect their mother.


  • One young Belkain managed to kill a total of seven users by itself[4].
  • Users that hunts inside Melbourne Mine decided to enter Belkain's Lair dungeon the moment they heard that Hermes Guild attacked the mine. They prefer dying while fighting against monsters rather than being killed by the intruders.
  • Young Belkains attracted surrounding monsters like the wild dog of hell(지옥의 들개) that wandered around the dungeon. Thus, Hermes Guild users have "welcomed" various kinds of fellow monsters together, tremble in peril, produce pandemonium-like situation[5].

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