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When Weed was in Seraboug Citadel finishing the old handmaiden quest concerning Zaha's song, the Embinyu Church invaded the citadel[1] with an army of 400,000. He rejected the quest that showed up to defend the capital of Rosenheim Kingdom. However, Selina who owned a flower shop approached him and begged him to save the civilians from the incoming invasion.[2] He accepted the quest and proceeded to the nearby ornamental statue of a big decorative dragon statue and started to sculpt it.

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He started to make changes on the dragon statue in front of a lot of NPCs and users. Ten of thousand people looking at him making the sculpture and it was broadcasted on the media too. He wanted to make something that has vitality and health to survive until the end; something tenacious and durable. An ice troll, compare to orc it's twice bigger with longer arms and well-developed muscles with a pot belly. The limbs were thick and sturdy. It has a large head with large teeth like a crocodile. There were six knife marks on the forehead and chin.

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Sculpture 'Battle Hungry Ice Troll' has been completed.

A reinterpreted work created by deconstructing another sculpor's piece.
The Dragon has been converted to an Ice Troll.
The previously completed work was not so substandard, but a sculptor that has ascended to mastery state has had his hand on it.
Still, leaving it as it was might have been better.

Artistic Value : 3
Special Effects :

'Battle Hungry Ice Troll' will increase health and mana regeneration by 8% for a day.
Healing of any injuries will increase by 7%.
Intelligence and Wisdom decreased by 25.
Charm has disappeared.
Strength increased by 41.
Agility increased by 5.


  • Weed's Skills Effect
Sculpting skill mastery increased.
For the completion of the beast monster sculpture, Fame increased by 16.
For the insolent destruction of the original sculpture, Fame decreased by 143.
Dignity and Art stat decreased by 1 each.
  • Sculptural Shapeshift Effect
Because of the mismatched size of your equipment with your changed shape, most of your equipped weapons and items cannot be used.
You can now wear the intermediate steel armor.
Please acquire necessary equipment based on your race or appearance.
Due to the effect of Sculpture Shapeshift, your strength and health have increased greatly.
Because of the race trait, your health regeneration became faster.
Intelligence and Wisdom has been reduced to an insignificant level.
Failure rate of battle related skills has been steeply increased.
Intelligence, Wisdom, Art, Faith, Charm, Dignity have all declined greatly.
Applicable until Sculpture Shapeshift has been released.
Affinity to Nature has been applied, strengthening the cold effects emanating from Ice Troll +239%

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