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An underground dungeon, full of NPC thieves and the core of a rebellion movement.


An underground dungeon, with 4 floor, for an experienced team of players at intermediate level.

Dungeon Information Edit

The dungeon is owned by the player guild : xxx

Typical monsters you can find in the dungeon

  • Level 1

More to come

  • Level 2

More to come

  • Level 3

More to come

  • Level 4
The last boss is a noble strongly objecting to integration into the Britten Alliance[1] and a level 290 Dark Mage with Necromancing spells, like Summon of Undead.


  • A 4 men hunting party

After the Siege of Odin Castle[2], Weed went to Basra Dungeon[3]. Zephyr and Hwaryeong met here by the first time[4]. Weed joined a party with her and Zephyr, whom he already met during the fishing training. Weed also summoned Van Hawk who was level 290 at the time, to be the 4th member of the party.

  • A training from Hell

Hwaryeong & Zephyr experienced for the first time Weed unique dungeon cleaning style[5]. This hard core training came as a shock, almost a physical abuse and a mental torture.

  • Killing the dark mage

Weed's level in the 4th floor initially reached level 247 [6]. Weed reached level 259 after defeating the boss[7]. He used Van Hawk Magic Helm to summon his own skeletons.


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