Bar Khu

Bar Khu Mountains


Basilisks are usually encountered around the border between Rosenheim Kingdom and the Britten Alliance[1].


Basilisks are lizard-like monsters and they are very aggressive in the wild[2].

The Basilisks living around Bar Khu Mountain have a level over 200[3].

Monster InformationEdit

This lizard monster is a good hunter and some magic users can summon it[4]. Some of its features:

  • Poisonous bite[5].
  • Strong defense[6].


  • The first time Weed fought with Basilisk, was when he and Mapan left Bairan Village in Rosenheim Kingdom, crossing the Bar Khu Mountain range [7].
  • The Half-Elf Summoner Seirin, who in real life was Yurin's classmate, can summon a Basilisk but it requires a big amount of mana[8].


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