Bard Ray, from somebody's minion to knight, through treachery he becomes an Earl, by using his Hermes guild's influence he obtains a ruler's Kingdom and with ruthless conquest he reaches the most powerful status: Emperor of the Haven Empire [2].

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and SkillsEdit


Level of masteryEdit

His first weapon specialization is the sword. He fights using one handed style. He is also specialized in horse combat, and with the lance.

  • Advanced level 4[5]
  • Advanced level 6 or more[6]
  • Advanced level 8[7]
  • Mastery[8]

From Geomchi's point of view, his sword skills are very powerful, but still not good enough in terms of real swordmastery[9]

Skills listEdit

Some of the sword skills, Bard Ray is known to use :




As a character, one of Bard Ray's real source of power is his equipment, giving him the title as the "God of Weapons[18]." Some of his mentioned weapons and armors are:

  • A Legendary Black Armor
  • An Unbreakable Sword, of which features match perfectly with his Sword Awakening skill[19]
  • The Sword of the Royal Knight from Kelton Kingdom.
  • The Legendary Lightning Spear [20] that he uses on a horse
  • The horse Rindullin, one he can summon at will on the battlefield, with the help of a Magician[21].

He is limited in the number of weapon types he can use. Only a special subclass, like martial artist has no limitation whatsoever. But he owns many different swords, to optimize and adapt his skills output. Example: More to come.


His name is also translated "Bad Ray/Bradley" in some case.

  • His real name is unknown, but he is an american, of french origin, living in New-York (v40c8), who likes to jog very early in the morning (5:00 AM).
  • Bard Ray, as a gamer, got the black knight class. For that, he had to achieve the knight status through underhanded and dark means. "A knight thinks very highly of loyalty and honour", whereas those stats do NOT matter to a Black Knight who endlessly pursues strength and power" [22].
  • Currently Bard Ray is on quest to master his class [23], which already reached its 16th quest [24].


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  • Bard Ray against a black dragon
  • Black knight and King
  • Rindulin



  • Proud, methodical, cunning and always looking for more opportunities. He is hard working and very disciplined.
  • He has an endless greed for power and he'll use everything he can to get what he wants" [1]
  • His line is : “A strong person has everything. My dream is to become stronger” [2].
  • He can hold a grudge for a very long time and is used to be at the top of the food chain. He favors treachery and unfair methods as a way to win.


  • Bard Ray is known as Hermes Guild's strongest and highest level swordsman. He is one of the highest ranker in Royal Road, if not the highest... and has the reputation to be the "Strongest of the Continent". 
  • Hundreds of thousands of comments are posted on each of his video"[3].
  • He is the first user to acquire the Emperor status. His only rival left, in that regard, is Weed, who became the Legendary Emperor of the Pallos Empire albeit after travelling through time .


  • The Hermes Guild had grown thanks to Lafaye [4], the one managing the affairs of the Empire. But Bard Ray was always the leading force on the front stage.
  • His status within Hermes goes through various stages of power. It reflects the rise in power of Hermes and his growing dominance over the other political factions, be it within the Kingdom of Haven or within Royal Road's guild system.
  • There are, at least, 4 stages.

Stage 1 : a primus inter paresEdit

Bard Ray is not yet Hermes's guildmaster. He is only the strongest wolf of the pack and he keeps a relatively "low" profile. Some describe him as a potential leader, others as a leader behind the curtain.

Stage 2 : a guild leaderEdit

Bard Ray becomes Hermes official guildmaster.

Stage 3 : a kingEdit

Bard Ray becomes the king of the HavenKingdom

Stage 4 : an EmperorEdit

Bard Ray becomes the Emperor of the Haven Empire. As such, he received a new type of Emperor quest[5], related to his class and status.


  • He was an elite (in top 5) of the old game, the formerly popular MMORPG "Continent of Magic" [6] but in the end, Weed's presence overshadowed Bard Ray's accomplishments.

  • He started his Royal Road gamer career as Earl Malkan’s minion in the Haven Kingdom [7]. There, he became a knight, and won over Malkan family’s sword techniques and legacy. Having outlived his usefulness Malkan was poisoned, leaving his status and power up for the taking. After that, Bard Ray became a full fledged black knight through efficient treachery and betrayal [8].
  • He wants to submit the whole Continent and become RR's final Emperor. He is one of Weed's main nemesis, along with the evil Embinyu Cult.

During stage 1Edit

  • For a long time, a leading figure of the strongest guild in the Haven Kingdom.
  • During the first war between Kallamore Kingdom and Haven Kingdom, Bard Ray and his black knight unit played a crucial role in the war between the two nations. He forced Kallamore armies to retreat to their fortress by cutting their supply route. But his rebellious attitude also got him punished by his guildmaster for taking initiative and disobeying a direct order [9].
  • He met a few Sword Masters, including Percia, solved his quest and learned the skill Sword of Mana [10]. But he was not able to collect all special sword skills. In that regard, Weed did better.

During stage 2Edit

  • After Hermes Guild overthrew the royal family of Haven Kingdom, he ascended as the Kingdom's new King, at level 412 [11]. In that regard, he did better than Weed.
  • During the second war with Kallamore Kingdom, he won over Kallamore first knight Kolderim and killed him in a (not so fair) duel [12]. Then took over,by destroying and looting the country after eliminating their leadership.  

During stage 3Edit

  • He aimed to become a black knight master [13], at level 480 with the guild's full support, competing directly against Weed becoming the second player to go public with his master quest. In that regard, he lost to Weed.
  • Description of some element of his quest within volumes 27-28. 
  • During his quest, he fought a Battle of the past between Kelton Kingdom and Mapon Kingdom, on the side of Kelton Kingdom, and was able to achieve an overwhelming victory [14].
  • He achieved his 16th quest by conquering the historic Fontainebleau Castle through unfair means [15].
  • At the moment, he is stuck at the end of his master quest and can't move forward, because his level at sword mastery is still lacking (advanced level 8 [16]). He is also lacking in term of collecting the 9 special master swordmen skills, so he cannot access the final secret quest, where Weed succeeded.

During stage 4Edit

  • He is the first to achieve the status of Emperor in the present day. Even if Weed achieved this special status during his journey in the past.
  • He is presently the only one to act on an emperor quest [17].
  • He is currently at level 512 [18].

Emperor restricted questEdit

  • Bard Ray benefits from the special Emperor restricted chain-quest. Those quests give stat (permanent) and combat (temporary) bonuses. Those quests (v43c10 for description of quest content) suit the ways a dark knight Emperor raising in power. They are very beneficial personally while destabilizing the Empire, pushing Bard Ray towards a dangerous path...
  • List of quests:
  1. Kill Imperial knight Naet
  2. Kill 10 imperial knights
  3. Kill 100 imperial knights and 2 nobles
  4. Reveal rebels at Asthon Castle (part 1)
  5. Suppress rebels at Ashton Castle (part 2)


Other assets during combat Edit

Bard Ray is never seen alone on the battlefield. He can always rely on fellow black knights and the supports of magic users and clerics. Also, he knows very well when to attack his enemies (asuming as little risk to his persona as possible) . More to come (a few examples).

  • Early on, he ordered that Weed, the Lord of Morata, be hunted down by the guild's assassin, soldiers and mercenaries numerous time[19].
  • At stage 4, the bounty over Weed's head is:
    1. 70 millions
    2. a lord status [20]
    3. all the benefits related to the reputation of catching Weed (media coverage, TV show, etc.)

This tactic failed repeatedly, but is still underway[21]. Also, those who helped Weed would be killed and their house or store owned in a city would be closed and destroyed [22]. After the fall of Formos castle[23], it was raised again.

    1. Bounty was increased to 100 million gold,
    2. Position of a city lord
    3. Highest grade equipment.

Also, senior magicians and assassins were again dispatched to track him. Code name was Big Bear Hunting, but Lafaye strongly doubted it.

Continent of MagicEdit

  • Bard Ray and his Elite Members were once the strongest guild in the formerly popular MMORPG "Continent of Magic" [24] with him as one of the top 5 players. However, during the time that the popularity of the game was dwindling down, he and his guildmates decided to move on. But still, Bard Ray remains attached with his title of being the strongest in Continent of Magic.
  • During his absence, the legendary "God of War"[25] Weed emerged. A player that managed to clear dungeons and accomplish quests that he and his guild could not achieve during their reign in the game.
  • When he logged back, on his own, he was repeatedly and utterly defeated by this new gamer. These defeats led to hatred towards Weed. This experience created a huge impact on their relationship in Royal Road, without Weed even knowing.

Clash in the Melbourne MineEdit

By "luck", he met Weed in the Melbourne Mine, while hunting the demon Domus in a not so fair duel. The duel involved having Bardray healed by the priest and magic caster pinning down Weed, strategy that ultimately caused his death. After winning this first duel, with the (advantageous) support of his troops, he sold Weed's Talrock's armor on the internet[26].

At the same time, he is secretly admiring Weed and studying his sword skills and his single point attack.

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