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Bahamorg is a sculptural lifeform and a barbarian created by Geihar Von Arpen and revived by Weed. Among the 47 sculptural lifeforms, as a combat type, he is the strongest[1].

Profile and data[]

Stats and skills[]

  • Two handed attacks[4].
  • dual swordsmanship. His favorite weapons: an axe and a mace[5].
  • Battle cry

Health of all allies during the battle will increase by 2.5 times. Protection skills for allies will be enhanced by 3 times. The enemy’s determination has been cut in half. Damage will increase by 39%. Fear emanating monsters will be ignored.

  • Crushing Wind[6]
  • Stone body [7], which is able to resist to a lvl430 fireball
  • Turbulent Split [8]
  • Warrior dash[9], a classic combat skill for breaking through

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  • Killed easily Chuge, a Hermes knight captain and 18 guards, by himself, in front of the gold mine at Formos Castle in the Tullen kingdom [10]. As a warm-up, before starting hunting Hermes and Beden parties within the dungeon.  
  • He was originally created by Geihar Von Arpen and was his most powerful warrior.
  • Weed solved the quest for finding his dead body[11]. After finding it, he restored it with Sculptural Life Bestowal and gave him life again. After that, he actively builds intimacy with him. He was helped by Golden Bird.
  • Weed found Bahamorg corpse inside 3rd underground level of Drapkin dungeon [12] with guidance from Zerr. He then revived him using sculptural life bestowal skill and then treated his wounds.


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