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A unique artifact named the Emperor's Seal

Can bestow a boost on leadership stat and leadership skill will incrase to all class.

Only Knight, lord or king can fully benefits from it (v23c5). It could be either used with Lord of the Continent or Mysterious Bird. Since Mysterious Bird is granted life from Sculpture Life Bestowal, only Lord of The Continent is currently available.

Effect upon activation Edit

  • When a regular class uses it

Special Effect n°1 : When a knight class uses it (v23c5)Edit

By the emperor’s authority, maximum loyalty and morale of the followers increase by +25%.

By supplementing the follower’s morale their attack increase by +17%.

Your commanding skill increase by +100 %

Your command to assault will be sent clearly to all combat unit.

Leadership stat raise faster, when in use

Special Effect n°2 : When a lord or a king uses it,Edit

Leadership stat increased by 150%. 

Charisma stat increased by 150%.

Stats irrelevant to battle will temporarily increase by 40.

Your diplomacy skill will temporarily increase. 

You can suppress a citizen’s objection with your authority. 

Knights and nobles will follow your orders. 

Increases loyalty of commoners. 

Ending Effect No mana use.

Tthe Authority of the Emperor will be maintained until you directly get involved in a battle.

If you battle without cancelling it, effect of the Authority of the Emperor will continually decrease until its owner gets back to normal

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible for the effect to remain infinitely as long as the owner don't involve himself in battle.
  • The effect will be lost if the emperor seal is token or stolen.
Source: Edit

Volume 19 Chapter 10

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