A King's palace is a strategic grand building, vital for the development of a kingdom.

The first royal palaceEdit

windows 1: First royal palace, the Earth PalaceEdit

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windows 2: destruction of the first's PalaceEdit

Decision taken by WeedEdit

The destruction was made by Weed decision [1], under Gaston & Palos supervision, with the help of Mibullo's landslide skill [2]

It was the price to pay to trap and destroy the 1st, 3rd and 4th armies (around 900.000 soldiers) of the Haven Empire (check Fate of Haven's armies), which in return completely tilted the tide of the battle and resulted in Haven Empire largest defeat.


The consequence[3] of the destruction of the Earth palace are:

  • The local politics has degenerated.
  • Loyalty of NPC residents of the kingdom has been reduced.
  • The demand of a specific region or species to separate from the kingdom is likely to increase (69 villages have strayed away from the kingdom).
  • Morale of NPC troops were weakened.
  • Security was weakened and rebels might emerge.
  • Smart monsters will invade the frontier villages of the kingdom.
  • A recession might occur, causing the economic power to reduce.
  • Tax rate will be temporarily reduced.
  • Confusion inside the kingdom will have influence on the surrounding areas.
  • Construction of 14 planned Grand Buildings in the Arpen Kingdom will be delayed.
  • Cultural expansion is temporarily stopped and the cultural influence in other areas might lost its effect.
  • Quest rewards for the Arpen Kingdom will be delayed or even cancelled.

Temporary use of Morata's internal management modeEdit

Without the royal king palace grand building, the kingdom will have to be managed through Morata's internal affair management system. Therefore, Weed had to move back to Morata to consult the internal mode affair [4].

The second royal palaceEdit

Project announcementEdit

The day after the destruction of the Earth palace, a new project[5] was designed by Arpen's best architects for the construction of a new palace. It was quickly made public and involved Arpen's best architects.

This roadmap included:

  • creation of a new City called "Dawn City"
  • creation of 7 more grand buildings.
  • contribution call of all users

Project contentEdit

The project was made public[6]. The foremost goal being the reconstruction of the Royal Palace were :

  • Arpen Kingdom will be rebuilt on the back of the current place.
  • Building materials from the wreckage will be reused if possible and the rest will be procured through merchants.
  • The new Palace will be built on a flat area 3 times larger. So that further expansion can be added as required.
  • The new City will be larger than Morata itself.
  • The best land will be pre-assigned for 7 more Grand Buildings.
  • Symbol of the future development of the Kingdom, the new city will be called ‘Dawn City.’
  • To save on construction costs, new users will participate in the basic development of the palace’s construction.
  • Shacks will be built for 7 days and will continue to grow with future needs.
  • All architects in the north will co-operate with this foremost goal, the reconstruction of the Royal Palace.

Undisclosed stipulationsEdit

Internally the architects also agreed on:

  • Building an impregnable fortress
  • Building a big and luxurious palace in order to not embarrass the Arpen Kingdom.
  • Construction costs should be saved as much as possible.
  • Full budget for the palace and city will be 17 million gold.
  • Construction costs will increase, only if necessary.

The strong public responseEdit

After the initial architect call, 950,000 users instantly committed to work on the construction site. In particular, various Porridge units committed to the project.

Because of users working day and night [7], the construction was going at an incredible speed [8].Foreseeing the potential for growth (business/land prices) many merchants decided to invest in the new Dawn City [9], which fostered the development even more.

Compared to the gold, jewels and frivolity of the Haven Empire’s palace, this Royal Palace is being completed with the efforts of many users.

The architect teamEdit

The new palace was build under the responsibility of Arpen's best architects, including Mibullo, best architect of the continent, who designed and constructed the first Haven royal palace.

The architects Gaston & Palos were surpervising the whole project, from beginning to end. Mibullo is in charge of the core of the Royal Palace[10]. And Pavo was responsible for the roadmap of both Castle and City.

As a fail safe measure, the less experienced the architects were, the less they could contribute to the core of the project. But still, the project was open to any level of skill. And also any class (architect, sculptor, painter, etc).

The new Castle constructionEdit

Light played an important role in the construction. “The king is a sculptor who deals with light. And it is sufficient to take advantage of nature when constructing the palace” (Mibullo[11]).

It is said that, following the path of Weed, Gaston and Pavo, many sculptors left  Rhodium city and the Haven Empire and moved to support the project, especially after the Haven Empire decided to persecute the members of the sculptor class and actively tried to impede their journey[12].


The palace was large and complex, with several floors. The main hall where Weed would take care of internal affairs and meet visitors from other kingdoms was spacious. It is large enough to accommodate more than 1,000 people [13].

The ceiling and walls had windows that would shine sunlight through to represent the bright future and Weed's moonlight sculpting skill.

The sculptors made pieces while the painters drew artwork on the ceiling and walls. Every white brick was delicately carved with animals and plants living in the north [14].


The white exterior of the building needed to be visible day and night. The palace was majestic and gorgeous during the day. It looked gentle and warm at night [15]. It was designed as the symbol of Arpen's bright future.

To catch the eye of users from afar, the key of the Royal Palace appearance was the roof. The first Earth Palace was built on 7 peaks. Thus the palace was made with 7 white tower roofs, who gave a strong sense of openness.

Also flowers, trees and a lake gave it a simple but cosy feel. Large trees were planted on the lawn as a place for avians to relax and play.

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