Arpen Kingdom

It was founded only recently and for 30 gold pieces. Its first capital is the growing city of Morata. The kingdom was named after the master sculptor Geihar Von Arpen, also Versaille Continent first Emperor. His founder and king is Weed.


Arpen Kingdom

Morata, the first capital 

Morata was a small town in the northern continent. in the time of the previous Niflheim Empire, it was known for the outstanding quality of its leather and cloth. It became a City after the first grand building was made.

Resurrection of a small village 

When Weed visited it for the first time, Morata was a small village located in the Northern Continent.

  • It used to be uninhabitable, due to its extremely cold weather and inhabited by True Blood vampire Clan.
  • After Blood Vampire Clan was defeated by Weed with the help of Freya Church, the curse over the village was lifted and villagers felt indebted to Weed.
  • As Weed continuously gave hand to Morata, his familiarity with Morata residents reach its peak.
  • When Weed successfully release the curse of the freezing of Northern Region, and completed the quest given by Elder of Morata, the elder made him the ruler of the ressurrected small town.
  • The Northern Region no longer suffered from extremely cold weather, more and more user come to Morata. They were attracted mostly by Weed culture and reputation, but also by the way Weed was managing the town. 

Expansion of a city 

  • Later, Morata expend from just small poor village to a large capital city.
  • The turning point was the creation of the first grand building.

Stat of Morata required. LINK

Famous places of Morata

  • The Art Centre
  • Wyvern Square
  • Bingryong Square
  • Bull Square
  • Central Square
  • Forge of Hestia
  • Light Square
  • Magic tower
  • Painters street
  • Blacksmith street, was opened after Weed and Herman had an agreement (v29c2)
  • The Gods Garden, with the 32 gods and goddess scultures, found in Ratzenburg, during the Quest of Origins.

Other famous place of Arpen Kingdom

For a long period of time, there were too few cities in the Arpen Kingdom. There was only Morata, Port Varna and Vargo Fortress. Recently visitors also increased at Vent Castle and Mordred. Besides that, numerous villages were getting better. The orc fortresses were increasing day by day. (v42c6)


A scale reconstruction project mainly carried out by merchants & architects (v42c8). It was the capital city of the long destroyed Niflheim Empire. During the Niflheim Empire, it used to have a population of 1 million people. The buildings are gradually restored from the outside, after multiple large campaign to reduces the numbers of monsters (v42c8). Once fully restored, it will occupy the centre of the northern transportation network (v42c8). When looking at the location on a map, Morata was in the middle of mountains and rivers, where Mordred will again become the core location that connected the north and west areas of the Arpen Kingdom.

Port Varna

The harbour and the beach near Morata[1]. The first maritime porridge units started there.  

Vargo Fortress

  • Vargo Fortress is the only one with a similar development to Morata[2].
  • Also named Vergo Fortress [바르고 성채]

A large place for new orcs settlements

Vent Castle

First seen by Weed, with Seoyoon and Freya pope candidate. But it was a Merchant Gamong who, later on, was able to gain the trust of the Soldiers, open trade and therefore unlock the Castle. This merchant is now Mapan's girlfriend.

Orcs settlements

Various orc settlements appeared in the North, especially around the Vargo fortress[3]. Description

New development after the destruction of the first royal palace

Without a royal palace, the Arpen Kingdom had reached its limit at developing Morata Morata. Also, the Haven Empire had decided on a blockade on Arpen. Therefore, Weed decided to invest in 8 new cities to developp his country. To become a city, a village needed at least once grand building. Here is the list of the newest project :

Dawn City

The future new capital, once the second royal palace would be finished LINK

Ibellin Castle

Ibellin Castle was close to Kruger Harbour at the east of Rupoi Plains[4]. Weed decided to invest 15.84 million gold in Ibellin Castle in order to make it easier for beginners, aiming at making it a base for the activities of novice and adventurers. He added :

  • a local branch of the Freya Church
  • groceries stores,
  • magic guilds,
  • training centers for knights,
  • new residential areas,
  • other guild offices.

Iptun City

The City is based at the entrance to the area of Harsel Mountains. And the mountains needed to be explored.Also, a small river flowed from Vent Castle to the Harsel Mountains. v42c6 Therefore, buildings associated with mining and construction facilities were created. A small harbour was also created at the river. Weed also ordered walls to be created and rangers to be recruited, because of the frequent invasions from monsters. It strongly impact on the overall security stat of the country, and parties in the area would no need to return to Morata or Vargo Fortress.

A new trade route with the Brent and Rosenheim Kingdom

Weed invested in some islands recently discovered in the east. Small fishing villages found by sailors. Necessary buildings, ship repair yards and trade buildings were built. A wide sea region could be created by setting up up 1~2 free high traffic trade routes[5].

Other villages

More to come. Check v42c8 for a description. A village will become a new city, once it has build his first grand building[6].

Arpen's economical force

Tax revenue for the Arpen Kingdom is around 20~30 million gold. It would be 200-300 millions, if taxes where at the same level as Haven  (Lafaye assumption)[7].

Arpen's military force

List of Arpen military forces

  1. Grass Porridge Cult

Millions of users, of various level, including the 500 geomchi Check page for more information. Also, includes :

  1. Living sculptures

Most of them are boss class monster. Special (rare) airborne unit: Bingryong (dragon, attribute: ice), Phoenix (attribute :fire) and the wyverns.

  1. Other army Corp

desert warriors, descendants of Iron-5, led by Seville, one of the living sculpture at the Earth palace battle[8].


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