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This is Arpen latest status window. It include military status information. For previous status windows, please explore the Morata, status windows

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Checked by Weed, after he came back from the Nodule & Hilderun quest, just before the Haven Empire invasion [1]

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{{Template:KingdomInfo |Name= Arpen kingdom |FlavorText= A kingdom that rules over a vast amount of territory in the Northern Continent, named after Geihar von Arpen, sculptor and first Emperor of the central Continent
|- |In the past, the land was ruled by the Niflheim Empire.
|A country that annexed the territories in a peaceful manner through trade and culture. The territory includes most of the areas of the former Niflheim Empire.
|The different flags and culture of the Arpen Kingdom have spread through the different terrains and climate of the north. A sense of satisfaction is felt from the arts.
|- |The knights and residents carry out the king’s orders with dignity and respect. Most of the inhabitants in the north believe that the king has been selected by the Goddess Freya. Among the incredible rumours about the king, he is a hero that performed missions for the gods of the Versailles Continent.
|- |The king and nobles have opened up paths and established the country with their own hands. The inclination of the inhabitants of the Arpen Kingdom leans towards the pursuit of adventure, freedom and economic abundance.
|- |The birth rate has increased so rapidly that it is difficult to measure. This particularly applies to the 400 male and female orcs that settled in the Arpen Kingdom.
|- |Monsters are still around but the amount of security means they can’t advance close to the cities.
|Despite the invasion of an empire, the king has a diligent personality that inspires belief in him.
|- |Military Power: 7,390 |Economic Power: 48,291 |Culture: 42,092 |Technology: 62,380 |Religious Influence: 86 |Kingdom Politics: 92 |Impact on the Surrounding Areas: 97% |Development of the Kingdom: 79 |Hygiene= 42 |Security= 92% |FlavorText2= none |Status= Residents of the north are happy to belong to the Arpen Kingdom.

  • Clearing of the plains, wilderness, flood zones and redevelopment of abandoned mines are actively being pursued.
  • New products are created and the economy expanded.
  • Skilled craftsmen filled with pride manufactured advanced products and concentrated on expanding production.
  • Road construction is occurring everywhere and food shortages are decreasing as trade is freely growing.
  • Sometimes local, small cities are resistant to paying taxes.
  • “The Arpen Kingdom is amazing despite only having a short history! But if left unattended, the crime rate and thieves will increase.”
  • “The taxes have to be used properly as the country can’t grow without proper support.”
  • “What is His Majesty doing? His achievements as a hero won’t be any use if a colossal amount of bandits are allowed to grow in the kingdom.”
  • The interest in the open sea means that the shipping industry was improving.
  • Maritime trade routes are becoming stable and fishermen will catch mysterious fish or hungry sharks when sailing.
  • Young farmers actively grow crops for several different species.
  • The orcs love devouring rice and wheat.
  • The value of coffee, tea and herbal medicine are increasing, building up the foundation of wealthy farmers.
  • Adventurers are finding traces of relics from the Niflheim Empire. Adventurers will also tell endless amounts of stories in the tavern.
  • The military power of the Arpen Kingdom isn’t well known to the residents. They are mocked as coward for not taking action against the Haven Empire’s invasion.
  • Monsters are constantly being subjugated at mountain villages or villages near the mountains.
  • Prestigious knights have gathered from all over the continent to worship King Weed of the Arpen Kingdom.
  • The radical urban development being accomplished causes the population to frequently gather for festivals.

|- |Kingdom’s Total Population: 38,291,029 |Monthly Tax Revenue: 21,943,920 |Kingdom’s Operating Expenses:

  • Military 12%
  • Technology Development 6%
  • Economic Development 38%
  • Cultural Investment 6%
  • Commissions and Monster Subjugation 14%
  • Road Construction 22%
  • Religion 2%
  • Military: 4,939 knights, 9,720 training soldiers and 162,023 soldiers.

|- |Status:The army of the Arpen Kingdom is finally stepping out of the gate with their shoulders straight.
The knights division mostly consisted of free knights and Vent Castle troops.
The soldiers gained levels and experience from subjugating monsters. At the very least, they learned how to use bows, swords and shields.

Military Status informationEdit

{{Template: Military Status information |Name= Arpen Kingdom’s Military sub window |Knights: 32,998 |Average Level: 367 |Soldiers: 187,390 |Average Level: 194 |Loyalty: 99% |Training: 89%
|Status: The King of the Arpen Kingdom is referred to as the ‘Hero who Saved the Continent.’

  • Free knights will respond to his righteous call. The knight have great pride and high morale despite running into danger.
  • The knights have decent equipment and ride tame horses to assault the opponent.
  • Soldiers have absolute loyalty. They will do anything for the king.
  • Soldiers will become more experienced by fighting against monsters and exploring dungeons.
  • The sky island Lavias is roaming the Arpen Kingdom.
  • They refuse to bow to humans but are willing to become members of the Arpen Kingdom due to the special ties.
  • They will participate in a war breaks out.
  • There are a number of military strongholds. Many military fortress that used to belong to the Niflheim Empire, including Vent Castle require repair.
  • The walls are too weak. It will easily fall if a large scale battle takes place.



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