Amazon Woman

Rosenheim Kingdom


The huntress are a tribe of female amazon warriors who live in the gorge of the huntresses[1], in the Rosenheim Kingdom. Not much is known of their way of life.


They are around level 280 and hunt till death any party that dares to intrude into their territory. They are dressed in black light robes. They will wait in hiding at the top of the cliff sides.

Monster InformationEdit

During hunting, they attack in group of two or three. Their favorite weapons : sword, spear & whip.

  • Special hunting technique:

They never attack the moment players enter their lands. They always wait, closely watching trespassers,  until they reach the heart of the gorge, and then begin to attack the party in small groups. So until you kill or subdue all the attacking Huntresses, you won’t be able to leave the gorge...


  • Geomchi, Geomchi 2, Geomchi 3, Geomchi 4, Geomchi 5, Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, and Maylon were dead drunk after drinking too much while preparing to fight with the Amazon Huntresses. In the end Weed had to defeat them only with Van Hawk's help .
  • As a last resort, in order to survive against this group of monsters, Weed was forced to utilize his cooking ingredients to fight. He applied salt on their wounds, sprayed garlic and pepper juice into their eyes.


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