The pope candidate of Freya's Church, a major NPC from Central Versailles Continent. He was first assigned to support Weed, during his first quest in the North[1]. And also to prepare him for his future leader position within Freya's Church.

Profile and dataEdit

Stats and skillsEdit

Regular skill of the Cleric class, at high priest level. Fame: at least 150 002[6]

Spell ListEdit

  • Bless: A common Cleric skill, which increase companions stats[7].
    • “Please let his power peak against all forms of wickedness. Bless!”.
  • Blessed Hand: a Cleric class skill, to restore health[8].
    • “Holy Spirit! Use your power to save those who are hurt! Recovery!
    • Let there be enhancement in your body. Blessed hand!”
  • Burst of Strength: Blessing skill used by Alverun and Alveren[9].
  • Cleansing of the Spirit: a Cleric skill, it can extinguish ghosts and other evil, used by Irene[10].
  • Deep Anger and Forgotten Pain: Blessing skill used by Alverun and Alveren[11].
  • Dispel curse: A common and powerful Cleric skill to release a companion from evil curse[12].
  • Divine Protection: Blessing skill used by Alverun and Alveren[13].
  • Divine Recovery: an advanced Cleric class skill, it is a protection spell and increases health[14].
    • “Goddess Freya, this person respects your will, so make sure he doesn't yield to the enemy. Divine Recovery!”
  • Divine will: Cleric debuff skill, can block poison and relieve other abnormal status[15].
    • “Divine will, block the poison.”
  • Enhanced Fire Resistance: Blessing skill used by Alverun and Alveren[16].
  • Flame Armour: Blessing skill used by Alverun and Alveren[17].
  • Holy Buster: an intense burst of Holy light, which which temporarily affects evil enemies blinding them.
    • “Holy Buster!”[18].
  • Holy Light: A common and powerful cleric skill to weaken an evil enemy or dispel curses like Petrification.
    • "Light please call out the dark, Holy Light"[19].
  • Holy Shield: A common and powerful Cleric/Paladin skill to cast a holy barrier around a companion or to himself[20].
  • Origin of Eternity Advanced Cleric skill, used by Irene and probably by Alveron too. It temporarily increases magic and physical defense, also improves the body ability to heal[21].
    • "Please let the divine power fill thy body to protect it from harm. Origin of Eternity!”
  • Protection of the Goddess[22]
    • It requires a level of 420+
    • The defense of Bart's armour had climbed by 5 times... and it was lasting a day.
  • Purification: A common and powerful Cleric skill to release a companion from evil control[23].
    • "Goddess Freya, please lead those who follow in your teachings to the righteous path!".
  • Recover: Cleric buff skill, it restores health[24].
  • Round Shield: Blessing skill used by Alverun and Alveren[25].
  • Smart Blessing: a Cleric skill, temporarily increases Wisdom and Mana stats, used by Irene[26].

Special SkillsEdit

Specific skill related to Freya's Church are :


He can have access, under certain circumstances to one or more of Freya's Church relics(Unique Items). He wore Fargo’s Crown when he went with Weed to Roderick's Labyrinth[27].

Special Robe: With cold reduction[28].

  • Alveron
  • Alveron and Weed
  • thumb|Holy Light
  • Cleric Skill Holy Shield
  • Purification skill
  • Skill Dispel Curse
  • Alveron


  • He first appeared when the High Priest assigned Alveron to follow Weed in his next quest to recover Fargo’s Crown and rescue a group of Paladins.Then they went to Morata through a Freya's Church teleport gate. Alveron was level 320 when he met Weed[29].
  • Strong trust developed between him and Weed. Alveron accepted Weed's request for the protection of Morata for 30 more days under Freya's Church [30].
  • Alveron joined Weed in the fight to defeat the lower devil Montus in Roderick's Labyrinth[31].


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