Black Dragon, Akryong Kaybern 


Akryong Kaybern, Ancient Black Dragon


Akryong Kaybern is a terrifying old black Dragon[1]. He can also appear in a human form.

Description Edit

Akryong Kaybern, dragon formEdit

We don't know much about his dragon form yet, aside from the fact that Weed was terrified when he first met him in dragon form[2]. He has a toxic breath attack and the scales falling off his body transform into draconic soldiers[3].

Akryong Kaybern, human formEdit


Akryeong Kaybern

Akryeong Kaybern meeting Weed

He looks like a young boy, with a very proud temper, black hair and cold eyes. He usually has not the slightest changes in expression on his face.


He wears outfit created by the best dwarven craftsmen. His clothes were created with thousands of threads from a special worm that was woven in three strands, and it required at least 1 month of tenacious effort to make. He also wears winged shoes from Stellese Hill, a barbarian item with an estimated level of 590


His magic sword looks very uncommon and contains a black diamond the size of a duck egg. The scabbard has a complex pattern drawn on it  

Dragon Information Edit

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Dragon's RageEdit

The Hermes Guild had a quest to breed his egg:

Quest Title:
Dragon’s Egg[4]
An egg laid by the green dragon Arankald and the black dragon Kaybern was discovered.

Arankald left due to an unknown reason, and the egg was left at its current location.
An egg touched by humans will incur the dragon’s rage.
The only way to quell the dragon’s rage is to hatch the egg safely and wait for the birth of the baby dragon.

Quest Restrictions:
Dragon Egg found. Quest cannot be forfeit at current stage

After their loss in the Garnav War was imminent, they destroyed the egg, which infuriated Kaybern. Lords of cities got this quest:

Quest Title:
The black dragon Kaybern has begun his movement, and the world has fallen into great chaos.

Monsters are expected to invade, so you must repair the city walls and gather more forces.
Kaybern’s cursed rain contaminates crops and causes fires.
You will have to pass through this crisis by any means possible.

Difficulty:B to A (for large cities)
Quest Restrictions:
Limited to lords
High prestige.

Loyalty of the citizens City characteristic granted.

As King, Weed got a different quest:

Quest Title:
Uneasiness in Arpen Kingdom[6]
Kaybern’s wretched hatred is directed towards the humans.

As the Arpen Kingdom’s emperor, you must protect your land and citizens.
Be weary of the kingdom potentially falling to ruins due to the monsters’ invasion.
The capital and significant cities will be the primary targets.
As long as Kaybern is alive, he will attempt to destroy even the remains of the human empires.

Quest Restrictions:
Development of the kingdom, Prestige, command level

Moreover he got a second quest he couldn't refuse:

Quest Title:
The true warrior[7]
The achievements that you have attained until this point are countless.

You have defeated the immortal legion and explored from one end of the world to the other.
You travelled back to the past of the Versailles continent and defeated the Embinyu church, and reached the pinnacle of the mystic sculptural technique.
You are the most famous figure in the continent and accomplished dangerous requests in a splendid manner.
From the drunks in the city to the young children living in the mountain villages, there is no person that does not know your name as the sculptor, adventurer, and warrior: Weed.
Poets turned your adventures into lyrics and composed songs.
Now, the black dragon Kaybern announced his brutal revenge and the world is in danger.
It is time for you to step forward.
Defeat the black dragon and save the continent.
First, you must acquire information.
Before you bravely draw your weapon, you will need to investigate Kaybern thoroughly.

Quest Restrictions:
The Savior of the world

Highest adventure reputation

Leads to the the capability to choose the Dragon Knight Class

After attaining the information, he spoke to Sage Brio and chose to fight Kaybern.

Quest Title:
Half-elf Vishur[8]
Long ago, there was the half-elf Vishur who drew her sword against the Black Dragon Kaybern.

She was a half-breed of human and elf, a hero who mastered the ultimate spirits and sword techniques simultaneously.
“The flowers and trees are screaming due to Kaybern’s brutality. He must be stopped before a greater threat is imposed on us."
Travel to maze Zode and find the vanished Vishur.

Quest Restrictions:
Hero Saving the Continent

Highest adventure reputation


Quest Title:
title (more to be added)
Quest Restrictions:


Protector of Thor Kingdom ?Edit

One of the 5 dragons ruling of the Thor Kingdom[9]

Payement for protectionEdit

A fearsome dragon[10], full of greed, who regularly request an immense tribute from the dwarf of the Thor Kingdom[11].

Last Tribute from the Thor KingdomEdit

2800 Pieces of Jewelry and Gold Sculptures Request has been given to Weed by the elder of Thor Kingdom (10th part of his master quest)[12].

First dragon quest given to a userEdit

First request from Akryong Kaybern himself, directly given to a human. A request you cannot refuse, when you are at level400+

It was a given order to Weed who had to sculpt a statue and who received no monetary reward for it[13]. His only reward was to meet and learn from the last hidden master sculptor.

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