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Boss class Abyss Knight

Abyss Knight is an Undead Knight of Legend, born of despair and even capable of hunting dragons according to Bar Khan's records [1].


Each Abyss knight is unique. It reflects the features of the knight he was « reborn » of.

Undead Information[]

An abyss knight is a unique type of legendary boss class undead monster. They are born out of despair when certain conditions are met and are they are intrinsically connected to the Abyss. Also, the undead skill cap limitation is off.

  • Dark aura : when his aura spread out, it scatters all types of mana, blocks teleportation and whispers [2].
  • Dark magic : advance undead summoning skill[3].
  • Leadership skill : Can create and command a full fledged undead legion. For example, Van Hawk was able to summon 800 Imperial Doom Knight and between 3000 and 5000 more undead [4].


  • It is documented that Bar Khan studied the legendary Abyss Knight. But according to his records, it could not be summoned by a Necromancer[5].
  • It is suspected that an abyss knight also uses Master Class undead summoning (see Necromancer profession and Bar Khan's Necromancer tome with level 1-4 spell).


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