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Skeleton Knight
Van Hawk and the body of Emperor


Abyss is the definition of seemingly bottomless chasm full of darkness and terror. In the world of Royal Road, all wicked being pure of evilness can be related to Abyss. However, it is separated from the term of Hell.


No direct description of Hell plane so far.

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Related CharactersEdit

In LMS, various character are related, more or less, to the Abyss. Here are some of them :

  • Weed
  • Bar Khan Demorph
  • Van Hawk
    • Van Hawk was originally a Death knight while serving Bar Khan and after that serving Weed. However, deep despair and anger from seeing the destroyed Tomb of Emperor Theodore awoken him to receive the dark power blessing from the Abyss to become a Legendary Abyss Knight.[4]
    • Van Hawk kicked at the ground and sprang forward. An Abyss Knight was swinging at him. A ghastly sight! Van Hawk’s eyes had a red sheen around them. Those whose levels were low would feel like they were weighed down by an evil spirit and die. The deep power of the Abyss came from every direction.
    • During the battle against Mapon Kingdom in front of Jonas Castle, Abyss Knight Van Hawk awoke a undead army from the abyss. [5]
    • Rise! Receive the power of the abyss and fight the enemies.



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